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01 April 2013

UP BTC Question paper Child Psychology

According to syllabus of UP BTC training 1st semester their will be total three question papers. Paper 1 will be descriptive and paper 2 and paper will be objective type. Paper 1 will comprise two subjects 1st one is vartman bhartiya samaj aur prambhik siksha and 2nd one is child psychology or baal manovigya.
Paper 2 will comprise math, science, physical education, and computer subjects.
Paper 3 will comprise Hindi, Social study, art and music, agriculture or home science.

Syllabus and question paper pattern of paper 1 section A already posted here.
Now we upload important questions for child psychology part of 1st paper of 1st semester.

Q what is the important and necessity of child psychology ? describe it ?
Q definition of IQ , formula of IQ  ?
Q describe the Emotional development in adolescence Age of a child ?
Q: what is imaginary power of a child ? when imaginary power develop in a children ?
Q: impact of environment on a child development ?
Q : factor which effect the process of learning ?
Q introduce the primary rule of learning?
Q characteristic, property , and principal  of  “Trail and Error therapy” of Thorndike
Q why statistic knowledge is important for a teacher ?
Q Meaning of child psychology?
Q phase of pre adolescence stage ?
Q how you can develop the innovative, creativity power in a child ?
Q Define the personality ? what is personality ?
Q : how imaginary power developed in a human ?
Q what is heredity ?
Q what is environment ? what is learning ?
Q what the is the curve of learning ? define it in short ?
Q what is motivation? how it works ?
Q definition of interest and Attention /
Q : difference between personality and interest ?
Q: Definition of Memory ?
Q statistics  is science or ort how ? prove it
Q Mean , medium , mode, Formula and definition 

Ask your questions for more details
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