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31 March 2013

UP BTC 1st Semester Exam Important Question paper pattern Syllabus

Exam regulatory Authority of uttar pradesh will hold a written examination for all those candidates who recently taken admission in 2012 batch. Mostly candidates are searching study material for BTC training but there are no such good books available in the market. Question paper will be in Hindi language. In 1st semester their will be a written question paper for Vartman bhartiya Samaj aur Prarambhik Shiksha and child Psychology. Question paper of other Reaming in subject will be objective type of nature. Question paper will be Too lengthy and you will get only 2 hours for attempting the question paper . so try to improve your written speed other wise you will not able to attempt all questions.
Here we uploaded some important question as per as concern for 1st paper.

Vartman bhartiya Samaj aur Prarambhik Shiksha / वर्तमान भारतीय समाज और प्रारम्भिक  शिक्षा

Q : fundamental right of Indian citizen according to Indian constitution ?
Q : what the uses of the computer and what is the advantage of the computer ?
Q: what the value of democracy? And importance of the education for a successful democracy?
Q : give your suggestion for awareness of Environment conservation ?
Q : necessity of Population education ?
Q : what is the aim of education ?
Q: what is the impertinence of education in human life ?
Q : Philosophy of Gandhi Ji  on education ?
Q most important commission after freedom of the India made for improvement in education system for example
University Education commission 1948
Secondary Education commission 1952
Kothari commission 1964
Q what is the separatizm problem in India ?
Q  how castism disturb the unity of India ?
Q how Lingualism increase the problem of social disorder
Q : Child right and its characteristics ?
Q : Human right and its characteristics ?
Q types of the computer?
Q : what is FAX ?
Focus on the necessity of water conservation?
Q most popular definition on “what is Education ”
Q focus on national education policy of 1986 ?
Q role and need of Universalization of education ?
Q Kinder garden education system of frobel ?
Q focus on natrulaism of Ruso Philoshpy ?
Q what is the life Philosophy of swami Vivekananda ?
Q focus on Tagor life philosophy and its characteristics ?
Q :  AUPCHARIK education System (Formal ) and ANAUKPcHARIK education system (Non formal ) , GURUKUL education System  , BUDDHA education system  
Question paper pattern and syllabus for all semester already uploaded by JobSlip.in

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