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28 March 2013

Model paper for SSC Graduate Level exam 2013 CGL tier 1

Staff selection commission (ssc ) now going to conduct a common written exam on Indian level for the pots of Combined graduate level examination 2013. ssc cgl exam will be held on 14 April 2013 and 21 April 2013 . we already uploaded various question paper with answer for ssc graduate level examination. Here some of the most important general knowledge (GK General Awareness) questions for SSC CGL tier 1 2013.

Q “Bowl of sugar “said for
A Goa      B Punjab     C Bihar     D Andhra Pradesh    
Answer : D

Q which of the following is the largest software company of India ?
A infosys     B TCS        C WIPRO    D HCL
Ans : B

Q  which of following PSU company got the Navratna statue after the the following companies ONGC, IOC, NTPC, SAIL ?
Ans : C

Q name of the supporting which helps lot in establishment of Bhilai Factory
A UK         B USA        C Russia    D Germany
Answer : C

Q : BT seed related to ?
A Rice     B wheat     C Cotton     D Tilhan
Answer : C

Q Maximum fertilizer land is used in India for production of
A rice     B wheat      C Alsi         D Chana
Answer: A

Q minimum supporting value is decide by
A Indian agriculture and research council     B State Government     C Agriculture evaluation council  D none of these
Answer : C 

Q konkad railway Line join
A Belgam     B madgavn     C Ratnagiri     D Udippi
Answer : A

Q no of position of India  in rail network in world is
A 2nd     B 3rd     C 4th     D 5th
Answer: C

Q project arrow is related to modernization off the following
A Post office B Railway     C bank     D Transport
Answer: A

Q    which of the following is the not source of central government income
A income tax     B corporate Tax     C agriculture Tax     D Production Tax
Answer : C

Q  which of the following tax is not collected by central government ?
A Service Tax     B education Tax      C Custom Tax     D TOLE TAX
Answer : D

Q maximum fund used for giving subsidy on
A LPG     B Food     C fertilizer    D oil    
Answer: Oil

Q which of the following filed gives maximum tax to the government
A agriculture     B industrial Area     C transport area     D banking field
Answer : B

Q percentage of nitrogen in atmosphere is
A 21 %     b 70 %     C 71 %     D 78%
Answer :  D

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