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08 January 2013

Up Primary teacher vacancy Court Case 9 January 2013

High court Allahabad now dismisses the special appeal on Uttar pradesh primary teacher recruitment for 72825 primary teacher posts. Yesterday was a hearing in court regarding Uptet and Primary teacher vacancy? Up bed trainee teacher candidates demanding that  merit must be prepared separately of art category candidate and science category candidates . court said it’s a policy decision of of state government so writ of filled by Rajesh Kumar Yadav And Another WRIT - A No. - 68599 of 2012 has been dismissed this is too shocking news for up bed candidates. Mostly bed training now thinking that selection chance will be decreased of them if merit will be prepared jointly. so this dispute in court finally resolved in court that how merit list will be prepared. Merit list will be preparation on government declared policy. Its trend that Science category candidates get more marks in high school, inter and graduation. They get maximum marks in practical examination that’s why they will cover all merit list. That why candidates art appeal in court that merit should be prepared on 50-50 for science and art. In previous vacancy government made a provision for merit list preparation on science / art and male category.
Court decision in short as are follows Copyright to http://elegalix.allahabadhighcourt.in
“Once the State Government in its wisdom has chosen not to make any classification based on Arts category and Science category and has proceeded to make selection appointment on the post of Prasikshu Shikshak by treating them into once category, then this Court cannot come to rescue or reprieve of the petitioners, once same is in the realm of policy decision. “
Another case hearing is 9 January 2013 on UpTET and 72825 primary teacher vacancy 2012. JobSlip.in will inform you latest news update of court decision and high court Allahabad judgment on 72825 primary teacher recruitment

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