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08 December 2012

ssc combined graduate level tier 1 examination 2013 free study material

Combined graduate level examination is also referred as SSC CGL 2013. Combined graduate level examination every year conducted by staff selection commission. There are three phase comprise in ssc cgl examination 2013 1st phase is known as ssc tier 1 2nd phase is known as tier 2 and 3rd phase is known as tier 3. after qualifying ssc cgl exam, candidates appointment in prominent post of various central government department like Income tax, Cbi, custom and excise duty etc. www.JobSlip.in will provide you all free study material for best preparation for ssc cgl 2013. We will tell how to solve question paper and we will guide you about some important topics.
Today will discuss on some important two topic as per as concern ssc cgl tier 1 syllabus 2013
Statement conclusion,
Statement and Assumption: .

Approximately 10 question every asked on Statement conclusion, Statement and Assumption  topics. We will tell how to crack these questions.

Type of questions regarding Statement conclusion,, a Statement and Assumption:
  Concerned with some issues, with two arguments generally one in favor of and one against the statement. You have to requisite to analyze 1st statement then the argument in context of the statement and decide which of the argument holds strong and helps formulate the most appropriate opinion on the subject.

Should English be the medium of teaching for higher education in India?
Argument: I >yes, even in advance countries like England and USA, the medium if instruction in English for higher education.
II. Yes, English is a much generally spoken language for higher education.

Question solution:  clearly, the pursuance of a policy in India can not be based on the pretext that it is followed in other advance countries because every country has its own environment, situation and resources. So, argument I is vague. Clearly, English need to be perused in higher education because being widely spoken ut shall ensure uniformity and prepare the students better. So argument II holds. Hence the answer is (B)


Statement: Should internal assessment in colleges be abolished?
Argument: I yes, this will help in reducing the possibility of favoritisms.
II> no, teaching faculty will lose the control over students.
Question solution: if you analyze the above question then you will found reducing internal assessment definitely will reduce college favoritism. During the examination many teachers affect examination process after there involvement so argument I hold strong fact. So argument II is unclear or vague.

Statement and Assumption:

Question: smoking is injurious to health ‘– warning printed on the cigarette packet
Assumption: people read printed matter on packet of the cigarette
Assumption II : people take carefully note of a warning
Assumption: no smoking promote health
Option: A : only I is implicit
Option B: I and II understood
Option C: only II
Option D: All
Option E: none of above
A warning printed of cigarette package tells people about unfavorable influence of smoking so II is understood how ever I is not. Also the fact that smoking is injurious to health dose not implies that not smoking promotes heath so III is now implicit. So answer is C only II

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