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14 July 2012

up phd cet 2012 answer key paper 1

QUESTION BOOKLET‐(B) PAPER‐I : Research Aptitude and General Awareness Paper 1
001‐>D 002‐>C 003‐>C 004‐>B 005‐>B 006‐>C 007‐>C 008‐>B 009‐>D 010‐>C 011‐>A 012‐>B 013‐>C 014‐>X OPEN 015‐>B 016‐>C 017‐>D 018‐>B 019‐>D 020‐>A 021‐>A 022‐>C 023‐>B 024‐>A 025‐>A 026‐>B 027‐>C 028‐>C 029‐>A 030‐>D 031‐>B 032‐>D 033‐>A 034‐>X OPEN 035‐>C 036‐>B 037‐>B 038‐>A 039‐>C 040‐>C 041‐>A 042‐>B 043‐>B 044‐>C 045‐>B 046‐>A 047‐>B 048‐>D 049‐>A 050‐>A 051‐>B 052‐>D 053‐>B 054‐>D 055‐>C 056‐>D 057‐>B 058‐>A 059‐>D 060‐>A 061‐>B 062‐>C 063‐>B 064‐>C 065‐>D 066‐>A 067‐>C 068‐>C 069‐>X OPEN 070‐>D 071‐>A 072‐>A 073‐>D 074‐>D 075‐>B 076‐>A 077‐>B 078‐>A 079‐>D 080‐>D 081‐>C 082‐>A 083‐>B 084‐>B 085‐>A 086‐>D 087‐>C 088‐>D 089‐>C 090‐>D 091‐>C 092‐>C 093‐>A OPEN 094‐>C 095‐>C 096‐>B 097‐>C 098‐>B 099‐>A 100‐>A

paper 1 set A answer key  
Subject wise answer key will be available here JobSlip.in Shortly so keep on visit here Paper 2 phd cet question paper II subjects
Economics Political Science Philosophy Psychology  Sociology   History  Commerce   Education   Social Work   Defence and Strategic   Home Science   Music   Management   Hindi  Veda   Vyakaranam   Jyotisham  Sahityam   Puranetihasah   Pracheen Rajshashtra-Arthashashtram   Dharmshashtram   Nyaya-vaisheshikam  Sankhya-yog-tantragamaha   Meemansa   Shankar-vedantaha   Vaishnav-vedantaha   tulnatmak-dharm-darshanam  Bauddh-darshanam  Bauddh-darshanam   Sanskrit-vidya   Pali   Prakrit   Urdu   Arabic   English   Linguistics   Physical Education  Law   Library and Information Science  Mass Communication and Journalism   Fine Arts   Geography  Computer Science and Applications   Electronics Science   Environmental Science   Life Science   Physical Science (Physics)   Chemical Science (Chemistry)   Mathematical Science (Mathematics)  Earth Science   Forensic Science   Tourism Administration and Management  Agriculture  Statistics   Sanskrit other University 

If there is "X OPEN" in the key of any paper/subject, it signifies that the question is open, i.e., every candidate will be awarded full mark of that question whether attempted or not attempted.
official website :   www.phdcet2012.in      phdcet dot in

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