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14 July 2012

Avadh University Phd entrance answer key paper 1 ph.d cet exam 2012 answer sheet

Answer Key of Common Eligibility Test for Ph.D.(C.E.T-2012) Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Faizabad Common eligibility test phd 2012 Phd entrance answer key answer sheet correct answer rmlau question paper solution of Ph.d exam

1st paper | QUESTION BOOKLET‐(A) PAPER‐I : Research Aptitude and General Awareness Booklet code A | general knowledge answer key | GK answer | Answer key Phdcet 2012 dot in paper 1

001‐>A 002‐>A 003‐>B 004‐>C 005‐>B 006‐>C 007‐>C 008‐>A 009‐>C 010‐>C 011‐>D 012‐>C 013‐>D 014‐>C 015‐>D 016‐>A 017‐>B 018‐>B 019‐>A 020‐>C 021‐>D 022‐>D 023‐>A 024‐>B 025‐>A 026‐>B 027‐>D 028‐>D 029‐>A 030‐>A 031‐>D 032‐>X OPEN 033‐>C 034‐>C 035‐>A 036‐>D 037‐>C 038‐>B 039‐>C 040‐>B 041‐>A 042‐>D 043‐>A 044‐>B 045‐>D 046‐>C 047‐>D 048‐>B 049‐>D 050‐>B 051‐>A 052‐>A 053‐>D 054‐>B 055‐>A 056‐>B OPEN 057‐>C 058‐>B 059‐>B 060‐>A 061‐>C 062‐>C 063‐>A 064‐>B 065‐>B 066‐>C 067‐>X OPEN 068‐>A 069‐>D 070‐>B 071‐>D 072‐>A 073‐>C 074‐>C 075‐>B

paper 1 set B answer key 
If there is "X OPEN" in the key of any paper/subject, it signifies that the question is open, i.e., every candidate will be awarded full mark of that question whether attempted or not attempted.
visit phd cet 2012 official website for official information : www.phdcet2012.in www.rmlau.ac.in

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