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17 January 2012

Model paper of Mathematics Ctet November 2012 Sample question paper and Best book

Ctet November 2012 CBSE CTET exam 18 November 2012 Math question paper previous year question paper 
Question paper pattern and structure
There will be 30 question of mathematics section. 20 question will be based on Mathematics content and 10 question will be based pedagogy question related to mathematics.
Syllabus of CTET mathematics
  • Number system
  • Whole Numbar
  • Intgers
  • Fractions
  • Algebra- ratio and Proportion and introduction to algebra
  • Geometry – basic shape 2d and 3d reflection, construction of shapes,
  • Mensuration
Pedagogy -= nature of mathematics, curriculum. Community mathematics, evaluation, various type of problem in mathematics teaching for complet syllabus or question paper pattern refer NCERT books from class 1st 8th
Study Plan / how  to solve / Ideas
cover all syllabus of ncert books from class one to class 8th . Important topic for preparation of ctet mathematics
natural number , integer number, whole Number, , even and odd number, primary and composite number, Fraction, rational numbers, Un rational number, Dividing rules ,L.C.M.: H.C.F. Square root and Cube root ,Fraction, simplification ,BODMAS, surds , Indices logarithms ,quadratic equations Factors, average ,Ratio and proportion,

Best book / reference book and guide
follow all ncert books

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