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18 January 2012

Ctet November 2012 Exam Environmental Studies Model Paper

Environmental Studies / environmental science / EVS is compulsory section of Ctet paper. Environment study is now days added in all Boards and Examination that’s why CBSE also concluded this subject in central teacher eligibility test  

Question paper pattern and Structure of CTET environment study there will be 30 questions in this section of 30 marks. 15 questions will be based on general topics of environmental issues and 15 questions will be based on pedagogy, teaching method of Environmental science, etc.

Syllabus of CTET 2012 Environmental Studies
  • Children’s Family and Friends Relationships learning with Work and Play          , Animals Plants Etc
  • Food, food chain, protection, Water, Travel, Things We Make and Do,
Pedagogical matter
  • Concept and scope of EVS of EVS, integrated EVS 
  • What is the role of Environmental Studies?
  • What is the advantage of Environmental Education? 
  • Learning Principles or EVS and other 
  • Scope and relation EVS to other subject 
  • Presentation 
  • Behavior and action 
  • Testing and realistic Work 
  • Group Discussion 
  • CCE 
  • Teaching material TLM and various types of teaching Aids 
  • Problems of student
Best reference books and Preparation Guide for environmental Studies Preparation
Refer ncert Books of Environmental science of primary and Junior Level
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CTET exam 2012 Model question paper for CTET 18 November  Ctet environmental Syllabus

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