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17 January 2012

English Language Model sample question Paper for ctet Nov 2012

English Language Model sample question Paper for ctet 18 November 2012 , central Teacher Eligibility Test Tips and Trick
Language is an essential part of this Ctet examination. It menace if you cover all question of English section defiantly it would be too scoring.
CTET Question paper Pattern /structure
There will 30 questions in this section some question will be based on teaching method of English and other will be comprehensive passage and grammatical portion.

How to crack English section of CTET question paper
Generally Teaching Method and Teaching approach are used in similar mean but there a difference. Teaching approach is a broader then the teaching method. Teaching approach is axiomatic, where as method is an overall plan base on some approach. So try to understand basic difference between English teachings Method for class 1st to 8th stander .there will be 5 to 8 question  based on teaching method and teaching approach.

Method of English teaching for primary level and junior level:
Basically for English teaching there are two method mentioned subject of education
First method is called – old method: this method also knows as classical method it’s similar to direct method.
Second – New Methods: its is also Know as DR. West English Teaching Method or new method in this teaching method English is just use as communication

English Grammar teaching Method: first we should know abut types of Grammar
There are 5 type of English grammar
  • Perspective Grammar
  • Descriptive grammar
  • Scholar traditional Grammar
  • Structural Grammar
  • Transformation Generative grammar
Study Plan / Strategy for Ctet question paper solving
3 to 4 question will be based on grammar teaching method of English. One thing you should keep in mind. CTET question paper will now check your depth of knowledge mean while they test your teaching approach and Teaching method via this teacher eligibility test so focus on all types of teaching method, How to teach a particular subject. How to solve a problem of student? What are the basic problems of class room? How you will react on a problem of your student etc….
All the best for your ctet 2012 examination. Keep on visiting here we will write some more post on ctet examination
best Book for Ctet English Language Preparation
there are a lot of books available for English preparation so Previous year paper of ctet syas that there are no advantage of such types of Books however if you want to follow books for Ctet Preparation then i would suggest just follow some books which is used in TEACHER Training Program Like B.ed And BTC courses .

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