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17 January 2012

Ctet November 2012 Model sample question paper of Child Development and Pedagogy

Child development and pedagogy is a compulsory section of both Paper(Paper one junior Level class 1st to 5th and Paper two junior level class 6th to 8th standers) in ctet question paper .complete syllabus of child development and pedagogy available on CTET 2012 prospectus /information bulletin.

CTET 2012 child development and pedagogy question paper Pattern
  • Child Development (Primary School Child) 15 Questions
  • Concept of Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs 5 questions
  • Learning and Pedagogy 10 Questions
Study Plan for cracking Ctet pedagogy section Tips and Trick for scoring good marks in ctet
Child development basically a subject in which we study the relationship of child development and various concept of development. How learning can take place in child development this is this basic theme of this section. There are so many principal of child development defined by some scholar Piaget, Kohlberg and Vygotsky. So try to focus on some important topics  for child development like
  • Heredity and child environment
  • Intelligence of a student
  • Principal of child development
  • Various stages of child development
  • What is understanding, assessment, types of assessment?
  • Languages of children,
  • Multi dimensional student
  • Role of Teacher, Parents, Peers
  • Effect of co-ed education, gender etc
CTET Pedagogy Section/ Study Plan / Easiest way toget good marks in ctet
There will be 10 questions for this section. so first of all try to understand what is pedagogy ? What is the definition of Pedagogy? Without going in deep of subject pedagogy , simple definition of pedagogy is it is the study about a children How children think, how they imagine , and learn; how and why children ‘fail’ to achieve success in school performance , various types of Children problems etc
Fundamental preparation topic of Pedagogy Preparation
  • Child Cognition and Emotions
  • How Motivation work in children case
  • Learning and its method
  • Factors contributing to learning- personal and environmental issues
  • Learning process.
  • Problem of children
Best Preparation reference books and Guide books for ctet pedagogy section
There are no needs to go in deep of this section. Just try to find some books for pedagogy on Google books. Use your training study material of  BTC and b.ed training. It would be best for preparation 
All the best for your exam. Don’t forget to subscribe your email for more update of cbse ctet question paper
CTET exam 18 November 2012 question paper pattern Syllabus , 18 nov 2012

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