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10 August 2013

Shiksha Mitra Appointment joining News 2013

recently High court Allahabad had given a decision on Shiksha Mitra. According to this decision now no shiksha Mitra will be appointed in primary school. So government decision to not continue filling posts of shiksha Mitra now approved by high Court. A special bench of 3 Judges given there decision on this matter that those shiksha Mitra who are selected after the GO which was published on 2 June 2010 now not eligible for posting for the posts of shiksha Mitra in government primary school. Court also cleared that selection for shiksha Mitra is the not right of appointment. According to GO of 2 June , State government Taken there decision to not appoint shiksha Mitra in primary schools. Court also said that this decision is the fundamental right of government. They are free to continue of stopped the shiksha Mitra scheme.  so there are no need of interruption on government decision.
Many thousand shiksha Mitra appealed in court that they are selected in 2009 – 2010 for the posts of shiksha Mitra. After the selection they neither get any training any get appointment. After that state government canceled the shiksha Mitra scheme on 2 June 2010.
So these shiksha Mitra challenged this decision of government in court that they are selected then why government not appoint them, government said after the enactment of RTE (Right to education ) eligibility criteria for teacher post have been changed that’s why government stopped this scheme.
Court also said that shiksha Mitra are not regular employee of state government they just appointed for 11 months on contract basis. If work of shiksha Mitra become satisfactory then  service duration may be renewal for next session.

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