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21 April 2013

SSC Graduate Level Exam question Paper 21 April 2013

SSC Graduate Level Exam question Paper 21 April 2013 
Booklet Code AA 2013     222 km  3

Staff selection commission conducted a written exam name combined graduate level tier 1 examination for the recruitment of various posts. SSC Cgl exam tier I was held on 21 April 2013 in two meeting Morning session and Evening or Noon Session. We upload question paper which was used in 21 April 2013 for helping our reader. Answer Key / Answer sheet of SSC CGl exam 2013 will be available here shortly

Directions: In questions no. 1 and 2, select the related Letter/ word from the given alternative .

Questions : 1 A-E:R-Y::B-F:F-J

2 : Horse:Neigh::Bells:?
(A) Rustle (B) Roar  (C) Beat (D)Chime

3 : Which one set of letters when sequentially placed the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?
(A) abb B bbb (C) bba    D: AAB

 Directions: In questions no.4 to 12, a series is given, with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given one that will complete the series
4 : EFA , GHC, IJE ------?
A KLG     B HIF         C KDA     E JKG       

5: NP MK RT IG --------
A FD     B EC     C VX     D UW

6 : 61, 52, 63, 94, 46, ?
(A) 19 (B) 18 (C) 17 (D) None

7: AZ, Cx, EV GT, ? KP, ?.
(A)    RI and MN (B) RI and NM (C) IR and MN (D) IR and NM

8 : 13,10 ? , 100,1003,1000,10003.
(A 1130 (B) 103 (C) 130 (D) 1030

(A) N K I     B MJG     C MJH        D NKG

10: 5,  l3 , 29, 61,125, ?
A 196    b     245    C    145    D 253

11 YZ, VYZ  SYZ. PYZ, ?
A RYZ     B MYZ    C C XYZ     D TYZ    

12 P 3 C R 5  E T 8 I V 12 L ?
A X 17 O     B Y 17 O     C X 16 O     D X 17 M   

‘Directions: In question nos. 14 to 17, find the odd word/  number from the given alternatives. 
14. (A) Red Yellow (B) Red Orange  (C) Yellow Green (D) Yellow orange
15 : 27 125 216 313
(A) 16 (B) 343 (C) 27 (D) 125

A Dutch Mark Frar’ic (B) Yen  C France (D) Pound (Sterling)

17 : (A) grave   (B) agreeable C Fastidious (D)firm

18 : What is the least number to be subtracted from 24&, to make it a perfect square?
(A) .90 (B) 95 (C) 80 D 85

19 : Shiela and Belah start from their office and walk in opposite. direction each traveling 10 kms. Shiela then turns left and walks 10 kms. Belah turns right and walks 10km. How far ar they now from each other
A 5 km     B 8 Km     C 20 km     D 10 Km

20 Roshan is taller than Hardik who is shorter than Susheel. ..Niza is taller then harry but shorter than Hardik. Susheel is shorter roshan  Who is the
tallest? .
A Hardik     (B) Harry   (C ) Roshan     D Susheel 

Directions: In questions no. 21 to 23, from the gi6n alternatives select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.
SEE Question No : 151 to 171 English  
Question paper English | Question Paper Reasoning   
Question Paper General Awareness


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