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07 April 2013

JEE main Exam 2013 Question Paper with Answer

CBSE JEE main Exam 7April 2013 : Question paper download : Answer key | Physics questions uploaded by Jobslip.in SET P

Q : A sono meter wire at length 1.5  is made of steel. The tension in it produces an elastic strain of 1%. What is the fundamental frequency of steel it density and elasticity of steel are 7.7 x 1000  kg/m3 and 22 x 10 (Raised power 11) N/m2 respectively?
1) 188.5 Hz
(2) 178.2 HZ
(3) 200.5 HZ
(4) 770 HZ
Answer : 2

Q : The amplitude of a damped oscillator decreases to 0.9 times its original magnitude in 5s. In another l0 s it s ill decrease to ALPHA  times its original magnitude. where ALPHA equals
(1) 0.7
(2) 0.81
(3) 0.729
(4) 0.6
Answer: 3

Q Two capacitors C1 and C2 , are charged to 120 V and 200 V respectively. It is found
that by connecting them together the potential on each one can be made zero.
(1) 5C1=3C2
(2) 3C1=5C2
(3) 3C1+5C2=0
(4) 9C1=4C2
Answer: 2

Q A circular loop of radius 0.3cm lies parallel to a much bigger circular  loop of radius 20 cm. The centre of the small loop is or the axis of the bigger loop. The distance between the circentrcs is l5cm. If a current of 2.0 A flows through the smaller loop then the flux Linked with bigger loop is:
(1) 9.1X10 to raised power -11  weber
(2) 6x10 to raised power -11  weber
(3) 3.3x10 raised power -11 weber
(4) 6.6x10 to raised power -9  weber
Answer 1

Q : Diameter of a piano - convex lens is 6 cm and thickness at the centre is 3 mm. If speed of light in material of lens is 2x10 to raised power 8  m/s, the focal length of the lens is:
(1) 15 cm
(2) 20 cm
(3) 30cm
(4) 10 cm
Answer: Answer 3

Q : What is the minimum energy required to launch a satellite of mass m from the surface of a planet of mass M and radius R in a circular orbit at an altitude  of 2R?
1 : 5 GmM / 6R
2 : 2GmmM/3R
3 : GmM/ 2R
4 : GmM / 3R
Answer: 1

Q A diode detector is used to detect an amplitude modulated wave of 60% modulation by using a condenser of capacity 250 pico farad in parallel with a load resistance 100 kilo ohm. Find the maximum modulated frequency which could be detected by it.
(1) 10.62 MHz
(2) 10.62 kHz
(3) 5.31 MHz
(4) 5.31 kHz
Answer: 2

Q : A beam of un polarised light of intensity I0 is passed through a Polaroid A and then through another Polaroid B which is oriented so that its principal plane makes an angle of 45 degree relative to that of A. The intensity of the emergent light Is:
(1) I0
(2) I0/2
(3) I0/4
(4) I0/8
Answer: 3

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