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19 March 2013

paper sbi bank po general awareness

State bank of India(SBI) now going to conducted a common written examination for 1500 probationary officer posts. SBI Bank PO exam is schedule to held on 28 April 2013 . Jobslip.in already posted question paper pattern and syllabus for Bank PO exam 2013. how every today we collect some of the most important question general awareness question for upcoming examination of SBi Bank PO Exam. These questions were asked in previous year SBI bank PO and clerk grade examination.

Q which of the following substance is used for making computer IC chip ?
A Chromium     B Silicon     C Led    D Copper
Answer :B

Q which of the following laser is used in laser Printer
A dye Laser    B Gas laser    C semi conductor Laser     D non of theser
Answer : c +

Q during text typing you’re a blinking icon which shoed current posting is known as
A Blinker     B curser     C Causer     D pointer     E none of these
Answer : B

Q inbuilt permanent memory of the computer is known as
A RAM    B ROM     C CPU        D CD Rom     E Non of these
Answer : B

Q which of the following is a part of chemical compound
A Air     B Oxygen    C Ammonia     D HG
Answer C

Q Navratna statue of company related to
A Public Private sector company      B private company C public sector company D    power sector company
Answer :C

Q which of the following states are the top sugar producer in India
A Goa B Punjab C Jammu an Kashmir    D Maharashtra     E Himachal Pradesh
Answer : D

Q India’s biggest oil refinery is
A IOC barodra     B IOC mathura     C HPCL vishkapattnam D BPCl Mumbai
Answer : A

Who decides the disputes regarding election of President?
A The Supreme Court B  The Election Commission C  The Parliament D  Both Supreme Court and High Courts

An apparatus used for locating submerged objects is known as—
A radar B  sonar C  quasar D  pulsar

Near which one of the following cities, the Palitana Temples are
situated? A Bhav Nagar  B  Mount Abu  C  Mearke  D  Ujjain 

Main cause for agitations for separate states in India is—
A regionalism B  growing regional imbalances C  people’s political conscious- ness D  Social inequalities

Law of ‘Use and disuse’ was proposed by—
A Hugo Dc Vries B  Lederberg C  Lamarck D  Darwin

Which revenue earned by Union Government is not distributed among State Governments?
A Excise duty B  Income Tax C  Customs duty D  None of these

The substance that causes the worst air pollution is—
A smoke B  sulphur dioxide C  carbon dioxide D  carbon monoxide

The rocket which gives us information about Mars is—
A Cassinie B  Discovery C  Insat 4 D  Atlas 5

JDBC stands for—
A Java Data Base Conductivity B  Java Developer Connectivity C  Java Database Connectivity  D  Java Developing Connectivity

Choose the correct one from among the following—
A Siksha —astrology B  nirukta —metre C  jyotisha —phonetics D  vyakarana —grammar

The famous book “A Better India, A better world” has been written by—
A Rajiv Sikri B  Azim Prem Ji C  N. R. Narayana Murthy D  Praveen Mahapatra

The world’s fastest growing water plant is—
A Water Chestnut B  Amazon water lily  C  Water hyacinth D  Utricularia

More model paper / sample question paper for SBI bank po exam will be available here shortly


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