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18 March 2013

Most important Previous year SSC Graduate level question with answer

Most important previous year SSC Graduate Level Exam Questions with answer  | important general awareness / Gk question for SSC CGl tier 1 2013
Origin of modern education system of India is
Q A charter act 1813     B McHale minute act 1835 C hunter commission 1882  D dispatch of wood 1854
Answer : B

Q : “king maker” called for 
A jahandar Shah    B Farruksiyar C meer Jumla    D Sayyed Khan 
Answer :D

Q : name of swami Vivekanand was
A narendra nath dutt     B batukeshwar Dutta    C krishna dutt     D surendra Dutta
Answer :A

Q  leader of baardauli  satyagrah   in 1928 was
A Rajendra prashad     B vinob Bhave     C Vallabh Bhai patel     D Jamnalal bajaj
Answer: C

Q Indian governor general was during 1857 freedom fight  ?
A lord dalhauji     B Lord William bantic     C lord cannon     D lord Linton
Answer: C

Q which one of following is first Indian elected for British parliament
A S.S. banrji     B G.K Gokhle    C Dada Bhai Nauroji     D Firojsah Mehta
Answer :  C

Q : Grand old man of India is addressed fro
A  mahatma Gandhi     B Baal Gangadhar Tilak  C Dada Bhai Nauroji     D Madan mohan malviya
Answer : C

Q first women president / chair man of Indian national congress  was
A Sarojni Naydu     B  Bhikha Ji kama     C Ani Basent     D Vijya lakshi pandit
Answer : C

Q : quote “Swrajya Merah janm Sidhra Adhikar Hai ise mai le kar rahunga ” was said by
A Arvind ghosh     B mahtma Gandhi     C Subhash chandra Bosh     D Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak
Answer : D

Q retirement age of supreme court Judge is
A 65 year     b 55 year     C 60 year     D 58 year
Answer : A

Q : first female Judge of supreme court was
A Sunanda bhandare     B  Leela Seth     C Fatima Bibi D Indira Jai singh
Answer : C
Q which of constitution  amendment was related to decreasing voter as of 21 to 18 year
A 72nd constitution amendment act  B 62   C  61 D 71
Answer :C

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