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30 March 2013

Latest General awareness Question for upcoming SSC Exam 2013

General awareness  / GS GK Question for upcoming SSC / bank / railway Exam 2013
Q TRAC Ball I the example of
A programming Device     B pointing device     C Output Device     D Software Device     E printing device    
Answer B

Q mostly computer of today belong to following generation
A 3rd generation     B 4th generation     C 5th generation     D 6th generation
answer: B

Q which of the transition type use for sending and receiving data at the same time
A Super duplex     B simplex     c HALF Duplex     D Full duplex
Answer : D

Q 1st GUI (graphical user inter phase ) was made by
A Microsoft     B A$t         C IBM     D Zeros
Answer : D

Q 1 barrel is equal to ?
A 131 ltr     B 15 ltr     C 257 ltr     D 321 ltr
Answer: B

Q chemical energy converted to electrical energy by the help of
A dynamo     B Heater     C motor     D battery
Answer :

Q which of the following is the compulsory part of nuclear reactor
A cobalt     B nickel     C gerkonium          D tungsten
Answer C

Q : Age of old fossils measured by
A K-Ar method     B C14 method     C RA-SI method     D uranium led method
Answer : A

Q which of the following is non magnetic element
A Nickel     B Cobalt     C chromium     D Copper
Answer :D

Q which of the following is Diamagnetic
A iron         B bismith     C nickel     D Cobalt
Answer: B

Q doordarshan broadcasting is now available on
A 73% area of India         B 79%     C 87%     D 94%
Answer : A

Q Which of the following facility is not provided by Indian post offices
A Saving bank     B Mutual fund     C Demand draft     D life insurance
Answer C

Q statue of Indian classical language given to
A Gujarati     b Tamil     C Marathi     D Malayalam
Answer : B

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  1. where are the admit cards for ssc cgl exam of delhi region?


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