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02 January 2013

Model Paper for special class railway apprentices examination 2015 Paper 2 PHYSICAL SCIENCES

Upsc will hold a common written examination for special class railway apprentice post on 18 January 2015. upsc no host the admit card for scra exam 2015
PHYSICAL SCIENCES Paper II Total Time : Two Hours  Total  Marks : 200

Q : The waves on the surface of water are a  combination of longitudinal waves and
transverse waves. rFnhey are called ripples. What is the motion of the particles of the medium ? 
(a) Linear  (b) Parabolic   (c) Circular (cl) Elliptical

Q : Consider the following statements :  Nuclear force is :
1. charge independent   2. long range  3. central

Q : Which ofthe above statements is/are correct?
(a) l only  (b) 1 and 2   (c) 2 and 3   (d) l and 3

Q : What will happen when a 40 W, 220 V lamp  and 100 W, 220 V lamp are connected in series across 440 V supply 
(a) 40 W lamp will fuse.  (b) 100 W lamp will fuse. (c) Both the lamps will fuse.  (d) Neither lamp will fuse.

Q : Heat supplied in a process is used completely to do work against the external surroundings. Then, the process may be identifiedd as which   one of the following  
(a) Adiabatic  (b) Isochoric  (C) Isothermal  (c) None of the above

Q : A beam of light composed of red and green rays is incident obliquely at a point on the face of a rectangular glass slab. When coming out from  the opposite face, the red and green colours
emerge from
(a) one point propagating in two directions 
(b) one pĆ³int propagating in the same direction
(c) two points propagating in the same direction
(d) two points propagating in two different directions

Q : Avernier Callipers has its main scale of 10 cm equallydivided into 100 equal parts. lts Vernier
scale of 20 divisions coincides with 19 divisions  of main scale. What is the least count ofthe instrument 
(a) 0.01 cm  (b) 0.001 om  (C) 0.5 cm  (d) 0.005 cm

Q : TheI temperature determines the direction of net change of
(a) grosskinetic energy (b) intermolecular kinetic energy  (c) gross potential energy  (d) intermolecular potential energy
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