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22 December 2012

UPTET 2013 English language Preparation guide Paper 1 Paper 2

For the best preparation of Uptet 2013, JobSlip.in will provide you complete guideline and free study material for UPTET 2013. Recently we published question paper pattern for uptet February 2013. Now JobSlip.in brought study material for uptet 2013 paper 1 an paper 2.
In up teacher eligibility test question paper will comprise child psychology and pedagogy, English language, Hindi language, environmental science and mathematics. In paper 2 social science will be an additional subjects in question paper 2.
In each subject / each section questions will be related from teaching method. For example just look at glance on English following topics will be most important for the preparation of uptet 2013.
  • Basic of English language
  • English languages teaching approaches
  • What is English teaching method and Teaching approaches used in English Languages?
  • Difference between method and approach
  • Method of teaching
  • Cause of teaching English
  • Emphasis on developing the reading ability
  • Grammar teaching
  • Perspective grammar, descriptive grammar etc
  • School curriculum
  • Method of teaching of grammar
  • Best teaching methodology
  • Prose teaching in class room
  • Poetry teaching
  • Assignment
  • Blackboard teaching
  • Problem in English teaching
  • Basic problem of a student during English learning.
Above topics are essences of previous year uptet 2011 question paper. If you really want to crack uptet 2013 then start your preparation now.  Try to use some good book for grammar preparation. If you want to beat other then focus on English section preparation because you can easily solve Mathematic and Hindi language. Mathematic questions basically are asked of 8th stander arithmetic.
Child psychology and pedagogy questions are based on daily life example of class room problem, students learning etc if you score good in English definitely your marks will be increase.
This year up government not giving any weightage to tet mark but in future your tet marks will play a vital role in primary teacher recruitment in uttar Pradesh..
You can subscribe your emails here. www.jobslip.in will provide you al study material, guide for uptet 2013 preparation. 

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  1. can i apply for up tet iam from outside of up ihave copleted M.A but i dont have any diploma degree


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