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01 December 2012

ssc mts question paper Multi Tasking Staff Exam 10, 17 March 2013

Sample Question Paper Staff Selection Exam of Multi Tasking Staff Non Technical grade | Model Paper for SSC MTS written exam 2013 | SSC MTS recruitment | SSC MTS Vacancy
DATE OF EXAMINATION: 10.03.2013 & 17.03.2013 
Q: Which metal has so far not been discovered in Harappan sites?
(A) Copper (B) Gold (C) Silver (D) Iron

Q: The major food fuel during exercise of long duration is—
(A) Fat (B) Protein (C) Carbohydrate (D) None of these

Q: Which of the following is not an important industry of Chhattisgarh from the point of view of production?
(A) Iron and Steel (B) Cement (C) Chemical (0) Aluminium

Q: In a class the average weight of 150 students is 80 kg. The average weight of boys and girls is 85 kg and 70 kg respectively. The number of girls in the class
(A) 60 (C) 50 (B) 70 (0) 80

Q: Remains of which animal have not been discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization?
(A) Lion (B) Horse (C) Cow (D) Elephant

Q: The body which controls the participation of Indian teams in Olympic game is—

Q: Bhilai Steel Plant is a enterprise.
(A) Public sector (B) Private sector (C) Cooperative sector (0) Public-Private joint sector

Q: Which of the following is not measure of central tendency?
(A) Mean (B) Median (C) Mode (0) Variance

Q: Rigveda consist of total hymns.
(A) 1028 (B) 1017 (C) 1128 (D) 1020

Q: The term CUE is related to— (A) Badminton (B) Basketball (C) Base ball (0) Billiards

Q: Which one of the following type of climate in Chhattisgarh State ?
(A) Humid South-East (B) Sub Humid Transitional (C) Sub Humid Littoral (D) Sub Humid Continental

Q: Gautam Buddha attained Nin’ana at which place?
(A) Kushinara (B) Sravastee  (C) Lumbini (0) Samath

Q: Which of the following planet takes maximum time to revolve around the sun?
(A) Earth (B) Jupiter (C) Mars (D) Venus

Q: Federation Cup is related with—
(A) Men tennis (B) Women tennis  (C) Men Hockey (D) None of these

Q: Galvanised iron is coated with— (A) Aluminium  (B) Galena (C) Silver (0) Zinc

Q: Which one of the following was not a Capital of Magadhan Empire?
(A) Girivraja (B) Rajgriha  (C) Pataliputra (D) Koshambi

Q: Sachin scored 100th century against which country in international cricket?
(A) England (B) Australia (C) Pakistan (D) Bangla Desh

Q: What metals constitute brass?
(A) Copper and nickel (B) Copper and tin (C) Copper and zinc (D) Copper + zinc and nickel

Q: The most mineralized rock  system of India is—
(A) Dharwar system (B) Vindhyan system (C) Cuddapah system (D) Gondwana system

Q: Which one of the following Asokan inscription is in Kharosthi’ script?
(A) Khalsi (B) Girnar (C) Shahvajgadi (0) Meerut

Q: Name the Indian Gold medal winner Hockey team Captain which had won 1975 World Cup?
(A) Aman Singh (B) Ajit Pal Singh (C) RoopSingh (D) SandeepSingh

Q: Pencil lead is— (A) Charcoal (B) Coal (C) Graphite (D) Lamp Black

Q: The richest Biodiversity in India is found in—
(A) Silent Valley (B) Valley of Kashmir (C) Valley of Flowers (D) Damodar Valley

Q: The Capital of Maukharii was—
(A) Thaneswar (B) Kannauj (C) Purushpur (D) None of above

Q: Name Youngest Indian who climbed Mount Everest—
(A) Dhananjay (B) Ravinder Kumar (C) Ahhinav Pandey (D) Arjun Vajpai

Q: The Ozone layer lies in the—
(A) Photosphere (B) Troposphere (C) Tropopause (D) Stratosphere

Q: Sriharikota Island located near—
(A) Chilka Lake (B) Mouth of the Mahanadi  (C) Pulicat Lake (D) Mouth of the Godavari

Q: How many Jyotirlingah are there devoted to Lord Shiva?
(A) 6 (B) 12 (C) 24 (D) 18

Q: Who was awarded with 1st Padmashree in athletics?
(A) P.T. Usha (B) Milkha Singh (C) Bandhu Singh (D) None of above

Q: Which of the following is found in the composition of Vitamin ‘D’ ?
(A) Ascorbic acid (B) Calciferol (C) Folic acid (D) Retinol

Q: In which part of India, the daily range of temperature found greater?
(A) Eastern Coastal areas (B) Interior areas of Chhattisgarh plain (C) Andman Islands (D) Desert areas of Rajasthan

Q: The Sun Temple of Modhera lies in which state?
(A) Bihar (B) Gujarat (C) Odisha (D) Bengal

Q: The 1st Commonwealth games were held—
(A) 1930 Hamilton (B) 1934 Australia (C) 1935 India (D) 1940 Pakistan

Q: Which Vitamin is water soluble?
(A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin B (C) Vitamin D (D) VitaminE

Q: Hasdo Valley in Chhattisgarh is famous for—
(A) Iron ore mines (B) Coal mines (C) Bauxite mines (D) Dolomite mines

Q: In which country is the ‘Angkorvat temple’ complex located?
(A) indonesia (B) Myanmar (C) Sri Lanka (D) Kampuchea

Q: Name the person who won Cold Medal in 2008 Asian Games Shooting in China under individual category?
(A) Rajvardhan Singh (B) Abhinav Bindra (C) Liyandar Pars (D) P.T. Usha

Q: SONAR is mostly used by—
(A) Astronauts  (B) Doctors (C) Engineers (D) Navigators

Q: Dalli-Rajhara mines of Chhattisgarh are famous for—
(A) Gold production (B) Manganese production (C) Iron ore production (D) Bauxite production

Q: Which ruler of Bengal founded the ancient University called ‘Vikramshila’ ?
(A) Dharmapala (B) Gopal (C) Devpal (D) Mahipal

Q: A person swims upstream 11 km and down stream 26 km. taking 5 hours each time. The velocity of the current of the river is (per hour)—
(A) 15km (B) 2km (C) 3km (D) 35km

Q: Pyrometer is for measuring—
(A) Air pressure (B) High temperature (C) Humidity (D) Earthquake

Q: Total number of districts in Chhattisgarh at present—
(A) 20 (B) 27 (C) 25 (D) 18

Q: Amir Khusro was a—
(A) Poet (B) Historian (C) Musicologist (D) All of the above three

Q: Which is not insect amongst following?
(A) Butterfly (B) Cockroach (C) Mosquito (D) Spider

Q: Mangrove (Tidal forests) vegetation in India is mostly found in—
(A) Malabar coast (B) Sundarbans (C) RannofKachchh (D) Dandakaranya

Q: Which European traveller came to India during the regime of Aurangzeb?
(A) William Hawkins (B) Thomas Roe (C) Antonia Monserrate (D) Peter Mundy

Q: In what ratio sugar at t 32 kg. should be mixed with sugar at t 3750 kg in order that the mixture is worth t 3450 kg? (A) 8:3 (B) 7:4 (C) 5:6 (D) 6:5
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