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19 December 2012

Railway Exam 2013 reasoning free Study Material

Railway will conduct common written examination for the recruitment of more then 2.5 post in 2013. That’s why for better preparation of railway recruitment examination www.JoBSlip.in started complete tutorial for railway exam conducted by various RRB.
In each paper you will find that Reasoning (verbal and non verbal) reasoning is one of the important part of each question paper for all post. Mostly candidates don’t focus enough concentration on reasoning section preparation. That’s why JobSlip.in decided to provide all study material regarding railway written exam preparation. Hope you will like our efforts.
In reasoning section of railway examination following topics are most important as per as concern railway vacancy 2013.
Number Series: number series is one of the important topics of verbal reasoning. Approximately 5 to 10 questions comes from this section. Number series questions are either in the form of series of number or series of letter or it could be combination of series of number and letters.
 Example:  Find the missing element in following given series.
5,11 , 17 ?, 29, 35
How to solve such type of questions:  here each element is 6 more than the preceding element of the number series. Thus, 23 should come in place of the question paper

Mode Question paper:
Q : 8, 80, 880, ?, 137280
A.8800         B.9680     C.10560     D.1820
Answer: C
Q:`    5, 2, 17, 4, ?, 6, 47, 8
A.29    B.30    C.32    D.31
Answer: D

Letter Series : series of leters basically framed by the help of letters and . they may consist of terms with one, two, or several letters.
For Example: PKQ, OJP, NIO, MHN, ………….
You can solve above alphabet letter series after finding the framing rule of above series.
Just assign
A, B,C,D …Y,Z to
1,2,3, …25, 26
Doing this above series will be look like (16, 11 ,17 ) , (15,10,16),(14,9,15) ,,,,,
Now you can easily find the next letter of given series 13,8, 14 replace alphabet sequence.
Practice questions:
Q: A, B, Z, B, C, Y, ? D, E, W
A. C,E,X,     B.: C, D, W    C.: E,D,X    D: C,D,X
Answer: D : in each of the term tw successive letter from the beginning of the alphabet and one the letter from its end are taken. Thus the unknown term will be CDX.

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