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15 December 2012

Previous year Solved question paper for UGC NET December 2012

UGC NET JRF Exam 2013 Previous year solve question paper with answer of paper 1 By JobSlip.in

Q :Which is the number that comes next in the subsequent series ?
2, 6, 12, 20, 30, 42, 56,
(A) 60(B)64(C)72(D)70 
Answer C

Q : “TRP” is related with TV show stands for
(A) Total Rating Points (B) Time Rating Points (C) Thematic Rating Points (D) Television Rating Points
Answer: A

Q :The term ‘DAVP’ stands for
A) Directorate of Advertising & Vocal Publicity
(B) Division of Audio-Visual Publicity
(C) Department of Audio-Visual Publicity
(D) Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity
Answer: D

Q :Video-Conferencing can be classified as one of the following types of communication:
(A) Visual one way (B) Audio-Visual one way (C) Audio-Visual two way (D) Visual two way
Answer: C

Q :MC National University of Journalism and Communication is located at
(A) Lucknow (B) Bhopal (C) Chennai (D) Mumbai
Answer: B

Q :All India Radio (A.I.R.) for broadcasting was named in the year
(A) 1926 (B) 1936 (C) 1946 (D) 1956
Answer: B

Q :In India for broadcasting TV programmes which system is followed ?
Answer: B

Q :A teacher can be successful if he/she
(A) helps students in becoming better citizens
(B) imparts subject knowledge to students
(C) prepares students to pass the examination
(D) presents the subject matter in a
Answer : A

Q :well organized manner Dynamic approach to teaching means
(A) Teaching should be forceful and effective
(B) Teachers should be energetic and dynamic
(C) The topics of teaching should not be static, but dynamic
(D) The students should be required to
Answer : D

Q :learn through activities The research that aims at immediate application is
(A) Action Research (B) Empirical Research (C) Conceptual Research (D) Fundamental Research
Answer : A

Q :When two or more successive footnotes refer to the same work which one of the following expressi ons is used ?
(A) ibid (B) et.al (C) op.cit : (D) loc.cit.
Answer : A

Q :Nine year olds are taller than seven year olds. This is an example of a reference
drawn from
(A) Vertical study (B) Cross-sectional study (C) Time series study (D) Experimental study
Answer : B

Q :Conferences are meant for
(A) Multiple target groups (B) Group discussions (C) Show-casing new Research
(D) All the above
Answer : D

Q :Ex Post Facto research means
(A) The research is carried out after  the incident
(B) The research is carried out prior to the incident
(C) The research is carried out along with the happening of an incident.
(D) The research is carried out
Answer: A

Q :keeping in mind the possibilities of an incident. Research ethics do not include
(A) Honesty (B) Subjectivity (C) Integrity (D) Objectivity
Answer : B
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