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08 December 2012

NDA NA 2013 Previous year solved question paper with solution

JobSlip.in now brought previous year question paper for NDA exam II 2012. we will post question paper solution on our upcoming post. so subscribe your emails for receiving NDA NA question paper solution or post your comment here our blog moderator will helps you.
Question Paper: 1
Direction : on sentence will be given and this sentence would be divided in 3 different part and each part will be labeled A. B. or C. now you have to find out error on Underlined part. Suppose there are no error will occurred that means Answer will be D. approximately there   10 questions will be asked just like this
For example:

Q:      None of the applicant have turned up ////(A)
For the interview /// (b)
One time // (C)
No error  /// (D)
Correct answer : D
Q: Her mother did not reply /// (A)
When I asked here  // (B)
Why was she weeping // (C)
No error // (D)
Correct answer :  C

There will be four word or group of words will be given and you have to find out synonyms of the word as per as the given context.around 10 questions will be based on following pattern
For example

Q : MOMENTOUS changes are taking place in the social and economic life of India.
(A) Notorious (B) momentary (C) official (D) enormous
Answer: (D) enormous
Solution : enormous      adjective very large; huge.
DERIVATIVES :     Enormously adverb      enormousness noun

Q: His condition DETERIORATED day by day.
(A) Went bad (B) grewworse (C) Went down (D) grewbad
Answer: (D) grew bad
verb (past grew ; past participle grown ) 
Solution 1    (of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically. (grow up) progress to maturity or adulthood. (grow out of or into) become too large (or large enough) to wear.

Q :  She is pretty INSIPID young lady
(A) Clever (B) lazy (C) dull (D) lean
Answer: C) dull
Solution : 
1    lacking interest or excitement.
2    not bright or shiny. Ø(of the weather) overcast.
3    slow to understand. Øslow-moving.
4    indistinctly felt or heard.

A group of sentence will be given in question paper and you have to find out antonym of the word. Usually 10 questions will be asked in this manner
For example :
Q :   A small ALTERCATION between the children started off a riot.
(A) quarrel (B) friendly discussion (C) contest (D) race
Ans. B
Solution :  ALTERCATION:     noun a noisy argument or disagreement.
Q :  He agreed reluctantly to sign the form but looked ILL AT EASE
(A) Embarrassed (B) comfortable (C) welcome (D) easy
Ans. B comfortable:
Solution: 1    providing or enjoying ease or relaxation: comfortable shoes. Ørelaxed and free from constraint.

Q :  My mother has been working hard for the last two weeks and she feels RUN DOWN.
(A) Energetic (B) cold (C) emotional (D) morbid
Ans. A
Solution:  rundown  ;
n    noun a brief analysis or summary.
n    adjective (run-down)
1    in a poor or neglected state.
2    tired and rather unwell, especially through overwork.

n    verb make or become dull.
www.JobSlip.in will post more study materiel for the help of NDA NA 1 2013 aspirant . 
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