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15 November 2012

Ugc net syllabus for paper 1 GENERAL PAPER ON TEACHING AND RESEARCH APTITUDE exam 30 December 2012

The main purpose of general paper on teaching and research aptitudes is to evaluate the teaching capability of ugc net aspirant and research capability for JRF aspirants. By conducting UGC Net Paper 1 of general paper, UGC find out the general awareness of the candidates. They search cognitive abilities like comprehension, analysis, evaluation , understanding level of researcher, argument , deductive and inductive reasoning, UGC expect to candidates that they are conscious from latest current affairs , interaction between people, environment and natural resource and their impact or quality of life .
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UGC net Paper 1 comprises 10 sections. Each section has equivalent weightage. For each section there are 10 marks
  1. Teaching Aptitude
  2. Research Aptitude
  3. Reading comprehension
  4. Communication
  5. Reasoning including mathematical
  6. Logical reasoning
  7. Data interpretation
  8. Information and communication technology ICT
  9. People and environment
  10. Higher education system government policy and administration
Teaching Aptitude:
In teaching aptitudes section general question will be asked like nature of teaching, teaching objective and characteristics, basic requirement for teaching. They will cover learner characteristics, affective teaching factors, and method of best teaching. Teaching aids like TLM and etc. some question will be asked from evaluation systems.

Research Aptitude
Question of research aptitudes will cover filed like: research meaning, research characteristics and research types, Steps of research, research method, Research Ethics. , Paper article workshop seminar, conference and symposium.
In research aptitude section some questions will be asked from thesis writing, thesis characteristics and thesis format.

Reading comprehension:
in this section a passage will be given and questions will be asked regarding this passage.

Communication: what is communication, what is the nature of communication, communication characteristics and types, barriers and effective classroom communication?

Reasoning (including mathematical) : In reasoning section question will be related from series of number, series of letter and code, relationship and classification.

Logical reasoning: argument, deductive ad inductive reasoning, word and applied analogy, verbal classification, , logical diagram, simple diagrammatic relationship, multi diagram relationship. Venn diagram, analytical reasoning

Data Interpretation:
Sources, acquisition and interpretation of data;. Quantitative and qualitative data; Graphical representation and mapping of data.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) : ICT meaning, advantages,  disadvantages and uses; General abbreviations and terminology;  Basics of internet and c-mailing.

People and Environment : People and environment interaction; Sources of pollution; Pollutants and their impact on human life, exploitation of natural and energy resources;
Natural hazards and mitigation

Higher Education System: Governance. Polity And Administration : Structure of the institutions for higher learning and research in India; formal and distance education; professional/technical and general education; value education: governance, polity and administration; concept, institutions and their interactions.

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