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04 October 2012

SSC LDC DEO Model Sample Question Paper Exam 2015

Staff selection Combined Higher Secondary level Examination CHSLE 2015 Lower Division Clerk Exam Model paper LDC question paper Data entry operator sample question paper DEO study material ssc  higher secondary 10+2 exam  2015

Latest GK / general awareness / General Knowledge important questions

Q : ‘Multinational’ is—
(1) a person who has visited several countries
(2) a company operating in several countries
(3) a person having citizenship of several countries
(4) an organization set up to help developing countries

Q : Tummalapalli in Andhra Pradesh has recently come on the world map for its largest—
(1) Uranium deposits
(2) Tungsten deposits
(3) Coal deposits
(4) Bauxite ore deposits

Q : As per the provisional result of the 2011 Census, the density of population in India is—
(1) 325 (2) 352 (3) 372 (4) 382

Q : The first Indian doubles due to win a Bronze medal at the recent World Badmintonship 2011 at London consisted of—
(1) Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa
(2) Saina Nehwal and Jwala Gutta
(3) Saina Nehwal and Ashwini Ponnappa
(4) Jwala Gutta and Harpreet Jadeja

Q : ‘Rath Yatra’ at Pun is celebrated in honour of—
(1) Lord Rama (2) Lord Shiva (3) Lord Jagannath (4) Lord Vishnu

Q : Gagan Narang, whose name has been recommended for ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khcl Ratna Award’ is a famous—
(1) Motor Car Racer (2) Cricketer (3) Air Rifle Shooter (4) Footballcr

Q : The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council are—
(1) Canada, China, France, USA, UK
(2) China, France, Russia, USA, UK 50.
(3) Japan, Germany, Russia, USA, UK
(4) Germany, China, Russia, USA, UK

Q : Which city has the Headquarters of two railway zones in India?
(1) 1-lubli (2) New Delhi (3) Mumbai (4) Jahalpur

Q : The deficiency of iodine leads to-
(1) Hyperthyroidism (2) Goitre (3) Midgut (4) Diabetes

Q : Two richest known sources of edible protein are—
(1) Meat and eggs
(2) Some algae and other microorganisms
(3) Soyabean and ground nut (4) Milk and leafy vegetables

Q : The saliva helps in the digestion of—
(1) Proteins (2) Starch (3) Fibres (4) Fats

Q : When a detergent is added to pure water, its surface tension?
(1) increases (2) decreases (3) remains constant (4) becomes infinite

Q : ‘Super nova’ is—
(1) a comet (2) an asteroid (3) an exploding Star (4) a black hole

Q : The device that converts computer output for transmission over telephone lines is  called—
(1) interface (2) interpreter (3) modem (4) I/O port

Q : A ‘bug’ in a programme is a—
(1) Statement (2) Error (3) Signature (4) Both (2) and (3)

Q : Wood spirit is—
(1) Methyl alcohol (2) Ethyl alcohol (3) Butyl alcohol (4) Propyl alcohol

Q : Of the following which one pollutes the air of a big city?
(1) Copper (2) Chromium (3) Lead (4) Calcium

Q : Ultra violet light of Sun’s radiation is prevented from reaching the earth’s atmosphere by the layer of—
(1) Oxygen (2) Hydrogen (3) Ozone (4) Helium

Q : Varahamihira was—
(1) An astronaut (2) A space shuttie (3) A power station (4) An ancient astronomer
‘Fire-fighting clothes’ are made from—
(1) Mica (2) Asbestos (3) Talc (4) Steatite

Q : The Kulu Valley is situated between—
(1) Ladakh and Pirpanjal  (2) Ranjoti and Nag Tibba (3) Lesser Himalayas and Siwalik (4) Dhauladar and Pirpanjal

Q : Terrace farming is done—
(1) on the slope of hills (2) in dry regions (3) on roof tops (4) on mountain tops

Q : The colour change in the Chameleon is due to the presence of—
(1) Haemoglobin (2) Chromatophore (3) Chlorophyll (4) Pneumatophore

Q : Heart attack ocrurs due to—
(1) Bacterial attack on the heart
(2) Stopping of heart beat
(3) Lack of supply of blood to the heart itself
(4) Impairment of heart’s working due to unknown reasons

Q : Direct conversion of solar energy with the use of a photovoltaic cell results in the production of—
(1) Optical energy (2) Electrical energy  (3) Thermal energy  (4) Mechanial energy

Q : A man inside an artificial satellite feels weightlessness because the force of attraction due to earth is—
(1) zero at that place
(2) is balanced by the force of attraction due to moon
(3) equal to the centripetal force
(4) non-effective due to particular design of the satellite

Q : Which of the following processes is used for the production of Biodiesel?
(1) Transamination  (2) Transcription (3) Transesterification (4) Translation

Q :  One property of ammonia is—
(1) It is insoluble in water
(2) It is a odourless gas
(3) It is a yellowish gas
(4) Its aqueous solution turns red litmus blue

Q : Find the odd one—
(1) Marble (2) Chalk (3) Limestone (4) Slaked lime

Q : Biodegradable wastes can usually be converted into useful substances with the help of—
(1) Bacteria (2) Nuclear proteins (3) Radioactive substances (4) Viruses

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