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13 September 2012

question paper Postal Assistant Exam 2012 Sorting assistant department of Post Recruitment

Postal Assistant Exam 2012 sorting assistant Exam department of Post Recruitment Model question paper sample question paler previous year solved question paper Postal assistant sorting assistant Vacancy exam question paper 2012 PA/SA DOP Exam

Question paper Pattern of postal department exam 
Aptitude Test with a total 100 marks (Paper 1) Test will be 2 hrs (120 Minutes). There is no negative marking.
Part ‘A’ 25 Questions on General Knowledge-Questions on current events, sports, history, geography, basic economics, general polity, Indian Constitution, science environment etc. – 25 Marks.

Part ‘B’ 25 Questions on Mathematics of matriculation standard which may cover number system, simplification, decimals, corrections, simple and compound interest, per centage, average, profit & loss, discount, menstruation, time & work and time & distance etc.-25 Marks.

Part ‘C’ 25 Questions on English covering grammar (prepositions, adverbs, conjunction, direct/indirect speech, singular & plural, tenses, antonyms/synonyms etc.-25 Marks.

Part ’D’ 25 Questions on Reasoning and analytical Ability-25 Marks.

Q: Famous Bhakra Nangal Dam is built on which of the following rivers?(A) Ganga (B) Beas (C) Indus (D) Gut tej (E) Narmada

Q: What is the full form of NSE, the term we see very frequently in newapapere?
(A) New Service Exchange (B) New Stock Evaluation (C) National Stock Exchange (B) National Service Emporium (E) Net Stock Equity

Q: Which of the following is not a famous brand of Cement sold in India?
(A) Ambuja (B) ACC (C) Ultra Tech (0) J. K. Lakahmi (E) Religare

Q: Who among the following ix the recipient of Padma Bhushan Award given in 2012?
(A) Smf. Pratibha Pat if (B) Smf. Sushma Swamj (C) None of these

Q: Which of the following is the name of an Airlines operating in India?
(A) Infofech (B) Everest (C) Max India (D) Century (E) Kingfisher

Q: Which of fhe following is a Private Sector Bank having branches in India?
(A) Axis Bank (B) Corporation Bank (C) Punjab & Sind Bank (B) IBBI Bank (E) Andhra Bank

Q: Who among the following is the ex Chief Minister of Tamil Nada at present?
(A) Konijefi Roaalah (B) K. Karunanidhi (C) J. Jayalalifha (B) Oommen Chandy (E) None of these

Q: Which of the following is the name of the currency of a country?
(A) Angola (B) Chad (C) Malta D) Euro (E) Gabon

Q: Who among the following is a famous player and has represented India in many national/internafional events?
(A) Chefan Bhagaf (B) Gaina Nehwal (C) Dineah Trivedi (D) Aamir Khan (E) Priyanka Chopra

Q: Currency notea of which of the following denominations are not in circulation in India?
(A) 20 (B) 50 (C) 500 (D) 1,000 (E) 20000

Q: Agni-IV which was in news recently isa—
(A) War plane (B) Missile (C) Submarine (D) Patton Tank (E) Warship

Q: Which ot the following is a big name in the field ot cars and commercial vehicles?
(A) Tisco (B) Hindatco (C) Bata (D) Mahindra & Mahindra (E) Adani Group

Q: Which of the tollowing is used as a raw material in nuclear power generation?
(A) Sodium (B) Zinc (C) Cobalt (D) Lead (E) Thorium

Q: NRI Day is observed on—
(A) 9th January (B) 19th January (C) 29th January (D) 19th June (E) 29th.june

Q: Which of the following ix Capital of a country in the neighborhood of India?
(A) Virat Nagar (B) Dhaka (C) Karachi (B) Imphal (E) Tonga

Q: Mr. Hun Sen whose name was in news recently ía the—
(A) Prime Minister of Vietnam (B) Prime Minister of China (C) President of Viefnam (D) Prime Minister of Cambodia (E) None of these

Q: Ranfhambore National Park is situated in—
(A) Rajasthan (B) Uffar Pradesh (C) Gujaraf (B) Uffarakhand (E) Madhya Pradesh

Q: Who among the following is a famous classic poet of Hindi?
(A) Kalidaa (B) Tulaidas (C) Bankim Chandra (D) Vishnu Sharma (E) VedVyaa

Q: Which of the following is the name of a bank finance scheme launched by the Govt. of India to provide employment opportunities to poor people?
(A) SJSRY (B) RAY (C) ASHA (D( SEWA (E) Bharaf Nirman


  1. is there any particular book to refer for this post

    1. yes dear book name is po exam assistant 2012

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  4. current events on what they wil ask..

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  5. when will exam conduct,and is there any weightage for intermediate percentage.....plese replay me.


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