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16 August 2012

UGC NET Answer Key 2013 Education Paper II Paper III Result Cutoff

University grant commission conducts National eligibility Test (UGC NET) exam twice in a year. 1st round UGC net exam is known as UGC net Exam June and 2nd UGCNET exam is known as UGC NET December. Ugc net June exam was held on 30 June 2013. University grant commission already published the official answer key of UGC NET exam June 2012. Its also available here.. JobSlip.In
This year answer key will be available here shortly
UGC NET answer key Paper 1
Answer Keys (Paper-II) SUBJECT (Education) SC09
Q01 A Q02 C Q03 C Q04 C Q05 B Q06 D Q07 D Q08 C Q09 A Q10 C
Q11 D Q12 A Q13 C Q14 A Q15 D Q16 C Q17 A Q18 C Q19 D Q20 C
Q21 D Q22 D Q23 A Q24 B Q25 A Q26 A Q27 C Q28 A Q29 C Q30 A
Q31 C Q32 C Q33 D Q34 D Q35 B Q36 A Q37 C Q38 B Q39 C Q40 C
Q41 A Q42 C Q43 C Q44 D Q45 B Q46 C Q47 C Q48 B Q49 B Q50 C

SUBJECT (Education) SC09
Q01 D Q02 B Q03 A Q04 B Q05 B Q06 A Q07 D Q08 D Q09 B Q10 C
Q11 A Q12 A Q13 A Q14 B Q15 C Q16 B Q17 A Q18 C Q19 B Q20 B
Q21 D Q22 D Q23 C Q24 D Q25 A Q26 B Q27 D Q28 A Q29 B Q30 D
Q31 C Q32 C Q33 A Q34 D Q35 D Q36 A Q37 A Q38 B Q39 D Q40 C
Q41 B Q42 C Q43 C Q44 B Q45 D Q46 B Q47 C

Answer Keys (Paper-III) Q.No.
Q48 C Q49 B Q50 C Q51 D Q52 C Q53 A Q54 D Q55 B Q56 B Q57 B
Q58 C Q59 C Q60 C Q61 D Q62 A Q63 B Q64 C Q65 A Q66 C Q67 A
Q68 D Q69 D Q70 B Q71 C Q72 B Q73 A Q74 B Q75 B

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  1. please givemalayalam answer key2012

  2. please publish hindi ugc paper II and paper III

  3. please inform if the ugc net results are made on subject wise performance or overall performance in all the subjects together? I want to know about the foreign languages net exam june 2012.how does ugc work in declaring the results finally?

  4. same i want to know...... and what will be the expected cutoff?

  5. please inform 49.3334 in paper third equal 50%

  6. My marks in English are as follows:

    paper I 70
    paper II 76
    paper III 88

    What is my chance of clearing the NET?

  7. sir, i have cleared net exam via checking answer key.but result come on today,my roll no. is not mention.
    can i go to recheck the exam or may some other problem(that means cutoff marks).
    I am very sad,please sir, give response immmediately

  8. any one knws abt the cutof marks?, iam having 50%, 54%, 56%,still my name is not in final result, please guide what to do on this?

  9. sir ,i too have got d same problem.as per the answer key i am eligible. but my roll no:is not to be found in the results

  10. Sir, my marks in net exam from reviewing the answer key are 77, 72 and 88. However, my name does not appear in the results list of successful candidates, I am very disappointed. Please tell me if i can apply for rechecking of the exam. Also, do i have an option under the RTI act. Thanks.

  11. Sir, i checked my net result from the answer key and secured 77, 72 and 88 marks in paper 1, 2 and 3 respectively. However, my name does not appear in the list of successful candidates. I am very disappointed. Please tell me how can i apply for rechecking of the exam and what options do i have under the RTI act. Thanks

  12. Sir, I also have the same problem. my marks are 78, 70 and 78 respectively in paper 1,2 and 3 as per the answer keys.but my name is not in the list.Plz guide me sir. How can I apply for the rechecking of my answer sheets.

  13. For the reference of all the paper wise cut off are published on http://www.ugcnetonline.in/ for the general category we need to score 40%,40% and 50% however we also need to get the 65% as an aggregate in all three to make the cut .Thanks

  14. sir i hv also the same problem. my marks are 64,64,102 respectively but me name does not appear in list. plz suggest me what i should do.

  15. Sir,When should we expect the Subject wise marks

  16. subject wise marks are already uploaded on ugc website one week ago.

  17. subject wise marks are already uploaded.

  18. Dear Admin. please review the keys, as i find many questions wrongly marked.


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