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14 August 2012

Answer Key UGC NET General Paper on Teaching and Research Aptitude Paper 1

Answer Key of UGC Net Exam 1st paper Answer key CSIR UGC NET exam answer sheet of paper 1 setX Set Y set Z answer key of University grant commission National eligibility Test UGC NET exam 24 June 2012 question paper download Solution of  UGC Net June 2012
Please Post Your Comment About the answer key and how many correct question you have attempted . it would be help ful for us for analyzing expected cutoff marks  of UGC NET June 2012 . Subscribe your emails for UGC NET June 2012 Results

        W X Y Z
Q01 C C C D
Q02 B C C B
Q03 B C C B
Q04 B A D D
Q05 D A D D
Q06 A C C C
Q07 C A A B
Q08 B B B D
Q09 A C A A
Q10 C B D D
Q11 D B B A
Q12 A D B A
Q13 B C D B
Q14 B C D D
Q15 B C C A
Q16 A C B B
Q17 C D D A
Q18 C D A A
Q19 C C D B
Q20 A A A C
Q21 A B A D
Q22 C A B D
Q23 A D D C
Q24 B B A B
Q25 C B B B
Q26 B D A B
Q27 B D A D
Q28 D C B A
Q29 C B C C
Q30 C D D B
Q31 C A D A
Q32 C D C C
Q33 D A B D
Q34 D A B A
Q35 C B B B
Q36 A D D B
Q37 B A A B
Q38 A B C A
Q39 D C B C
Q40 B B A C
Q41 B B C C
Q42 D B D A
Q.No. Set
Answer Keys (Paper-I)
Q43 D D A A
Q44 C A B C
Q45 B C B A
Q46 D A B B
Q47 A A A C
Q48 D B C B
Q49 A C C B
Q50 A D C D
Q51 B D A C
Q52 D B A C
Q53 A A C C
Q54 B C A C
Q55 A D B D
Q56 A A C D
Q57 B B B C
Q58 C B B A
Q59 D B D B
Q60 D A C A
website : http://ugcnetonline.in/J2012_answerkeys/anwerkey_paperI.pdf
http://ugcnetonline.in  www.ugcnetonline.in


  1. i have corrected z series 31 q
    sanskrit II 39 Q

  2. how to get the correct answer i can not understand

  3. raj kumar sahu
    i have corrected x series 25
    sociology 11 21
    " " 111 39

  4. raj kumar sahu
    i have corrected x series 25
    sociology 11 21
    " " " 111 39

  5. i hav crect y sris 526 and papr 2-29 and papr3-35

  6. sir all minimum conditions for qualifying ugc have been fulfilled by me bt still my roll number is not in final result list....what should i do now....n where should i go....please please help me...

  7. sir i have given july ugc test 2012 and fulfilled all minimum qualifying conditions bt still my roll num is not in final result list....please help me...please...


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