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10 June 2012

up pcs pre 2015 question paper UPPCS Genral Study Paper 1

Uttar Pradesh Public service Commission will Conduct Upper Subordinate Pre exam 2015 on 29 march 2015.(tentative dates ) UPPSC Csat General Study Question paper / importation question as are follows . we will update this page with complete question paper solution of   UPPCS Pre 2015 question paper of 1st paper. we have already posted UPPCS Paper 1 answer key .
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  1. The United Nations convention on climate change ratified by more than 50 countries became effective on
  2. Which of the following is now a green house gas?
  3. Naihati, where accordingly to the rail budget 2012 2013 a rail coach factory and museum is to be established, is the berth place of
  4. Which of the following represent the average increase in earth’s temperature during the last century?
  5. The world environment day is celebrated on
  6. Which one of the following is not correctly matches?
  7. Center for ecological CES – Bangalore
  8. Wild life institute of India – dehradun
  9. Indian institute of forest management – Kolkata
  10. Gb pant institute of Himalayan environment and development alomra
  11. As an ecosystem wetland are useful for which of the following
  12. Which of the following countries doe not have global atmosphere watch station to collect data on world temperature?
  13. The not biotic pollutant of underground water
  14. Lichen is the best indicator of
  15. The cycling of element in ecosystem is called
  16. National environment engineering research institute is situate at
  17. The transitional zone between two distinct communities is known as
  18. The most populate desert in the world
  19. Which one of the following is the most effective factor of coral beaching
  20. The reason of mirages is
  21. The color of light is determined by its
  22. Ultrasonic are sound wave of frequency
  23. Kaziranga is know for
  24. The maximum biodiversity is found in
  25. The minimum are of the land required to completely substation the life of one person is called this
  26. The most important part of a computer
  27. In an earthen pitcher the water remains cold due to the process of
  28. Laser is device for producing
  29. Pendulum clock become slow in summer because
  30. Homi bhabha ward is given for special contribution in the field of
  31. Who had proposed for the first time the double helix model of dna
  32. The full for of sim is
  33. Which of the following gets deficient in the human body due the dengue fever
  34. Funk invented?
  35. When ice melts then the
  36. White colour of milk is due to the present of
  37. What is mri
  38. The year 2011 has been marked for the live stock disease name
  39. Chlorophyll contains
  40. Indian has recently signed a border pact with which of the SAARC counties
  41. Kamla Prasad bissessar is the prime minister of
  42. What is the name of the luxury cruise ship which capsized near the western coast of the Italy on the 13 January 2012
  43. Where was the fifth summit conference of IBSA held in 212
  44. Who was the chairmen of the 13th finance commission
  45. The first Indian state to pass Lokayukta bill in 2011 is
  46. Where was the 17th SAARC 2011 conference held
  47. Mahatma Gandhi international award for peace and reconciliation 2011 has been give to
Upper Subordinate Pre exam 2015 Paper 1 General Study Csat Question Paper Download Free UP PCS GS question and answer


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