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12 June 2012

indane gas booking SMS number customer care toll free ivrs number

Indane gas is  on of the biggest gas distribution company of India. Recently Indane Gas blocks all the option of gas booking in Allahabad and some other district. Now customer can only book their cylinder / Gas Refill through SMS or IVRS. This is the biggest problem created IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) for those users who don’t know how to operate mobile or those who don’t have a mobile phone. How an uneducated person like Rikshawala / Thela / mazdoor will book their cylinder what s special types of joke done indane oil / IOC.
Well most of People start  searching  Indane Gas IVRS No / Indane Gas SMS Booking No on online /internet.

Indane Gas Booking IVRS Toll Free No Information
How many Language Option available in IVR System
Their are 3 language in Interactive active voice response no of Indane gas. You can choose your option by pressing 1 , 2 or 3.
1) Local Language, 2) English, 3) Hindi.

After selecting the language option, IVR System will ask the Customer to enter the telephone no of Distributor with STD code. For example if land line number of the Distributor is 24334466 then dial 03324334466 for Kolkata or 04424334466 for Chennai.

How to book Gas Cylinder Refill? / Procedure for gas booking through Mobile Phone / Call / sms
After Distributor and Customer number are identified properly, then the system will ask for the option of refill booking and for other services. P note the options Press 1 for Refill booking, Once option for refill booking is given refill booking will be taken and booking reference number will be Come and SMS will be sent to your mobile number .

USING SMS for Indane Gas booking: 1st of all you have to register your mobile for gas booking via sms. Then there is a question How to register personal mobile number by SMS ? don’t worry
If you are 1st time using SMS gas booking method , then send sms
SMS IOC < STD Code + Distributor's Tel. Number > < Consumer Number > to xxxxxxxxxx.
For example, in case the distributor's telephone number is 26024289 and consumer number is QX00827C, SMS shall be sending as follow:
IOC 1126024289 QX00827C.
For subsequent bookings, send SMS IOC to xxxxxxxxxx.Once a customer registers his / her mobile number, subsequent refill bookings can be made by sending an SMS < IOC > to the same mobile number where booking is made .
The Indane Gas IVRS No / Indane Gas Booking SMS numbers a
Check for your city :
  • Andhra Pradesh : Hyderabad 9848824365 Vizag 9848824365
  • Bihar Patna 9708024365
  • Delhi 9911554411
  • Gujarat : Ahmedabad 9624365365 Rajkot 9624365365 Surat 9624365365
  • Haryana : Faridabad 9911554411
  • Jharkhand : Ranchi 9708024365
  • Karnataka Bengaluru 8970024365
  • Kerala Kochi 9961824365
  • Madhya Pradesh Bhopal 9669124365 Indore 9669124365 Jabalpur 9669124365
  • Orissa : Bhubaneswar 9090824365 Cuttack 9090824365
  • Punjab Ludhiana 9781324365
  • Rajasthan Jaipur 9785224365 Jodhpur 9785224365
  • Tamil Nadu : Chennai 8124024365 Coimbatore 8124024365
  • UNION TERRITORY Chandigarh 9781324365
  • Uttar Pradesh UP : Agra 8726024365 Allahabad 8726024365 Lucknow 8726024365 Noida 9911554411
  • West Bengal : kolkata 9088324365 Siliguri 9088324365
official website of Indane Gas Booking : http://indane.co.in www.indane.co.in


  1. Dear Sir,

    We would like to inform that, as in your record Shukla ganj Gas services distributors Tel.Ph. No. is not mentioned , how can you help the customers for facing dificulties from distributors end. Please provide us the currect Tel.Ph. No. of distributors.

    I ask them several times for their Tel Phone no. they are not giving us . they told that no. which is not in properly working . please help us how can we get helps from you in IVRS/ SMS facilities which you lunched for customers . thanking you

  2. I am a Indane Gas Consumer of M/s Vaishnavi I tried to register through SMS & IVRS but SMS registration informs me that my consumer no is wrong (where as I am registered online at Indane.co.in) and IVRS informs me to contact the distributor.. Distributor's tel no is not being picked up..What options are left to book a gas cylinder.
    Amitabh Kumar Sinha, Ranchi


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