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26 May 2012

SSC CPO SI Answer Key 2015

SSC Sub Inspector in CPO and Intelligence Officer in NCB Examination, 2015  SSC CPO SI and IO exam  June 2015 Answer Key Answer Sheet

Staff selection commission conducted CPO SI written exam on  24 may 2015 (Sunday)   for the recruitment of Sub Inspectors in Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF SI) and Assistant Sub-Inspectors in Central Industrial Security Force (CISF ASI). The Examination will include of Written Examination followed by Physical Endurance Test, Medical Examination and Interview/personality test. More then 3 lakh of student participate in SSC cpo Si written exam through regional offices of following centers SSC(NR), New Delhi, SSC(CR), Allahabad, SSC(SR), Chennai, SSC(WR), Mumbai, SSC(ER), Kolkata, SSC(MPR) Raipur, SSC(KKR), Bangalore, SSC(NWR), Chandigarh, SSC(NER), Guwahati

All qualified candidates will be recruited in Sub inspector post in CAPF which carries pay scale of Rs 9300-34800 in Pay Band 2 with Grade Pay of Rs 4200 and is classified as Group „B‟ Non- Gazetted, and low rank candidate will be appointed in Assistant sub inspector post in CISF which carries pay scale of Rs.5200-20200 in PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs.2800/- and is classified as Group „C‟.
There are total 1857 post of CAPF sub-Inspector and 338 posts Assistant Sub-Inspector in CISF. After the written Examination of (CPO SI and ASI) and the Interview /personality test, the SSC will draw up an All India Merit List and, in that order, as many candidates as are found by the Commission to have qualified in the Examination shall be recommended for appointment .

Subscribe your emails for SSC CPO SI written exam answer key, CPO Sub inspector exam answer Sheet and Complete solution of all question paper set. SSC yet not published CPO CAPF exam answer key officially, when they will publish answer key of SSC CPO exam we will publish here. Sub scribe your emails for the notification of SSC CPO SI exam Results and CPO SI Cutoff marks and more updates and news about CPO SI exam 2015


  1. how can i get the key answers for si exam conducted by ssc on 27/05/2012 please inform me by this mail id maadeeran@gmail.com

  2. plz provide me answer key ssc asi & si on 27-05-12 me on my id rajand545@gmail.com

  3. plz send me the answer key of SSC CPO exam as quick as that published here my email is mohitbadola007@gmail.com

  4. SSC SI & ASI Exam Answer key 2012
    TEST FORM NO. 987RH9
    101. THE NUMBER OF…. ANS.-( B)
    102. IF 0.38…. ANS.-( B)
    103. IF THE PRODUCT…. ANS.-( C)
    104. THE NEXT TERM…. ANS.-()
    105. THE VALUE…. ANS.-( D)
    106. P AND Q…. ANS.-( B)
    107. A TANK CAN…. ANS.-( B)
    108. THE DIFFERENCE…. ANS.-( B)
    109. IF A SHOPKEEPER…. ANS.-( D)
    110. TWO NUMBER…. ANS.-( D)
    111. THE WEIGHT…. ANS.-( C)
    112. A CRICKETER…. ANS.-( D)
    113. THE AVERAGE…. ANS.-( D)
    114. A BOUGHT A…. ANS.-( B)
    115. THE DIFFERENCE…. ANS.-( B)
    116. OUT OF A…. ANS.-( A)
    117. RATAN’S…. ANS.-( B)
    118. CYCLIST A…. ANS.-( B)
    119. IF THE SIMPLE…. ANS.-( D)
    120. IF FROM A…. ANS.-( B)
    121. THE AREAS…. OF ANS.-(B)
    122. IF THE RADIUS…. ANS.-( D)
    123. SEMI-VERTICAL…. ANS.-(C)
    124. IF THE HIEGHT…. ANS.-( A)
    125. EACH OF THE…. ANS.-()
    126. THE VOLUME…. ANS.-( C)
    127. IF X=2T…. ANS.-( D)
    128. IF X AND Y…. ANS.-( C)
    129. IF X=…. ANS.-()
    130. THE VALUE OF…. ANS.-()
    131. EQUATIONS…. ANS.-()
    132. IF IN ANY…. ANS.-( B)
    133. IN THE FIGURE…. ANS.-( A)
    134. SR IS A…. ANS.-( )
    135. THE BISECTOR…. ANS.-()
    136. IN…. ANS.-( A)
    137. SIN2 21…. ANS.-( A)
    138. THE ANGLES…. ANS.-( C)
    139. THE VALUE OF…. ANS.-( C)
    140. IF SIN( …. ANS.-( )
    141. IF 3 SIN2…. ANS.-( C)
    142. PROFIT…. ANS.-( B)1999
    143. THE PERIOD…. ANS.-( A)1997-98
    144. THE RANGE…. ANS.-( B)20
    145. THE EXPENDITURE…. ANS.-( B)28
    146. MONTHELY…. ANS.-( A)5250
    147. MONTHELY…. ANS.-(A)750
    148. MONTHELY…. ANS.-( C)250
    149. EXPENDITURE…. ANS.-( D)75%
    150. MONTHELY…. ANS.-( A)2000

    1. Sorry to say man but u hav opted some wrong options.......
      Its a request pleeese check them..

    2. @ashok- bro in 144 question u have given the answer range-20...i feel the same bro but in the ssc official key it is given as 30...bro if u r sure abt the answer plz share..

  5. SSC SI & ASI Exam Answer key 2012
    TEST FORM NO. 987RH9
    1. ASTHAMA…….. ANS.- (A)
    2. COMMUNICABLE………. ANS.- (A)
    3. THERMOMETER…… ANS.- (B)
    4. DISMAY……….. ANS.- (B)
    5. DCBA…………. ANS.- (C)
    6. SKIT………… ANS.- (B)
    7. 6:72…….. ANS.- (D)
    8. 6:36………… ANS.- (C)
    9. 384:?......... ANS.- ()
    10. PAPER….. ANS.- (C)
    11. TAB……. ANS.- (C)
    12. 4623…… ANS.- (D)
    13. BB DD FF…….. ANS.- (D)
    14. D…….. ANS.- (B)
    15. EAB,……. ANS.- (A)
    16. ACE,…… ANS.- (A)
    17. WBP,… ANS.- (D)
    18. DEF,…… ANS.- (B)
    19. CDF,….. ANS.- (B)
    20. ZA,……… ANS.- (B)
    21. 4,16,….. ANS.- (D)
    22. 2,3,10…….. ANS.- (A)
    23. 12,23……… ANS.- (A)
    24. GIVEN SET (9, 27, 108) ANS.- (B)
    25. NUMBER OF…… ANS.- (C)
    26. CHOOSE…….. ANS.- (B)
    27. IF 20………. ANS.- (D)
    28. IN THE DIAGRAM…. ANS.- (B)
    29. LAXMI……. ANS.- (A)
    30. IN A CER…… ANS.- (B)
    31. IF PAINT……. ANS.- (C)
    32. IN THE FOLL……. ANS.- ()
    33. SOME QUE……. ANS.- (B)
    34. KARAN…… ANS.- (D)
    35. REENA…….. ANS.- (A)
    36. STATEMENTS…. ANS.- (A)
    37. FIND OUT……. ANS.- (B)
    38. 8 (14) 15…. ANS.- (B)
    39. 5 7 4 39….. ANS.- (C)
    40. 8 16 10…. ANS.- (B)
    41. QUE. FIGURE….. ANS.- (C)
    42. QUE. FIGURE….. ANS.- (C)
    43. A TRINGULAR… ANS.- (A)
    44. WHICH OF…… ANS.- (C)
    45. A WORD …. ANS.- (D)
    46. IN THE…….. ANS.- (C)
    47. IDENTIFY…… ANS.- (D)
    48. IF A PERSON….. ANS.- (C)
    49. HOW MANY….. ANS.- (C)
    50. WHICH FIGURE…. ANS.- (C)

  6. thank u dear for providing a valuable information on favor of other cpo aspirants...

  7. please load 987rh9 english section answer key

  8. CPO SI EXAM 27/05/2012 ANSWER KEY
    Test Form No:-987RH9 (Q.1)A (Q.2)B
    (Q.3)B (Q.4)D (Q.5)C (Q.6)B (Q.7)D
    (Q.8)C (Q.9)A (Q.10)C (Q.11)B (Q.12)C
    (Q.13)D (Q.14)C (Q.15)A (Q.16)A (Q.17)D
    (Q.18)B (Q.19)B (Q.20)B (Q.21)D (Q.22)A
    (Q.23)A (Q.24)B (Q.25)C (Q.26)A (Q.27)D
    (Q.28)B (Q.29)A (Q.30)B (Q.31)C (Q.32)B
    (Q.33)B (Q.34)D (Q.35)B (Q.36)B (Q.37)B
    (Q.38)B (Q.39)C (Q.40)B (Q.41)C (Q.42)C
    (Q.43)A (Q.44)C (Q.45)D (Q.46)C (Q.47)D
    (Q.48)C (Q.49)C (Q.50)B (Q.51)C (Q.52)A
    (Q.53)A (Q.54)D (Q.55)D (Q.56)C (Q.57)D
    (Q.58)D (Q.59)B (Q.60)C (Q.61)B (Q.62)C
    (Q.63)B (Q.64)C (Q.65)B (Q.66)B (Q.67)C
    (Q.68)C (Q.69)C (Q.70)A (Q.71)D (Q.72)C
    (Q.73)D (Q.74)D (Q.75)B (Q.76)D (Q.77)B
    (Q.78)D (Q.79)D (Q.80)D (Q.81)C (Q.82)B
    (Q.83)C (Q.84)C (Q.85)C (Q.86)B (Q.87)D
    (Q.88)C (Q.89)C (Q.90)C (Q.91)D (Q.92)B
    (Q.93)D (Q.94)A (Q.95)A (Q.96)D (Q.97)A
    (Q.98)A (Q.99)D (Q.100)A (Q.101)B (Q.102)B
    (Q.103)C (Q.104)D (Q.105)D (Q.106)B (Q.107)B
    (Q.108)B (Q.109)D (Q.110)D (Q.111)C (Q.112)D
    (Q.113)D (Q.114)B (Q.115)B (Q.116)A (Q.117)B
    (Q.118)B (Q.119)D (Q.120)B (Q.121)B (Q.122)D
    (Q.123)B (Q.124)A (Q.125)B (Q.126)C (Q.127)D
    (Q.128)C (Q.129)D (Q.130)A (Q.131)C (Q.132)B
    (Q.133)A (Q.134)A (Q.135)B (Q.136)A (Q.137)A
    (Q.138)C (Q.139)C (Q.140)B (Q.141)C (Q.142)B
    (Q.143)A (Q.144)D (Q.145)B (Q.146)B (Q.147)A
    (Q.148)C (Q.149)D (Q.150)A (Q.151)B (Q.152)B
    (Q.153)D (Q.154)C (Q.155)B (Q.156)B (Q.157)C
    (Q.158)B (Q.159)B (Q.160)C (Q.161)D (Q.162)C
    (Q.163)D (Q.164)B (Q.165)C (Q.166)A (Q.167)A
    (Q.168)C (Q.169)A (Q.170)B (Q.171)A (Q.172)A
    (Q.173)B (Q.174)B (Q.175)D (Q.176)B (Q.177)B
    (Q.178)A (Q.179)A (Q.180)D (Q.181)C (Q.182)C
    (Q.183)C (Q.184)C (Q.185)A (Q.186)A (Q.187)B
    (Q.188)B (Q.189)A (Q.190)C (Q.191)B (Q.192)C
    (Q.193)B (Q.194)C (Q.195)A (Q.196)B (Q.197)A
    (Q.198)D (Q.199)B (Q.200)B Test Form No:-766RH9
    (Q.1)D (Q.2)B (Q.3)A (Q.4)C (Q.5)C
    (Q.6)D (Q.7)D (Q.8)B (Q.9)A (Q.10)A
    (Q.11)B (Q.12)A (Q.13)A (Q.14)D (Q.15)D
    (Q.16)D (Q.17)B (Q.18)C (Q.19)C (Q.20)C
    (Q.21)C (Q.22)B (Q.23)D (Q.24)B (Q.25)D
    (Q.26)D (Q.27)A (Q.28)C (Q.29)D (Q.30)B
    (Q.31)D (Q.32)C (Q.33)D (Q.34)A (Q.35)D
    (Q.36)D (Q.37)D (Q.38)A (Q.39)D (Q.40)D
    (Q.41)A (Q.42)A (Q.43)B (Q.44)A (Q.45)C
    (Q.46)A (Q.47)A (Q.48)D (Q.49)A (Q.50)B
    (Q.51)C (Q.52)D (Q.53)C (Q.54)A (Q.55)D
    (Q.56)D (Q.57)C (Q.58)A (Q.59)D (Q.60)C
    (Q.61)B (Q.62)D (Q.63)B (Q.64)C (Q.65)C
    (Q.66)C (Q.67)A (Q.68)D (Q.69)A (Q.70)B
    (Q.71)A (Q.72)C (Q.73)C (Q.74)D (Q.75)A
    (Q.76)B (Q.77)B (Q.78)C (Q.79)C (Q.80)A
    (Q.81)C (Q.82)B (Q.83)C (Q.84)B (Q.85)B
    (Q.86)C (Q.87)D (Q.88)D (Q.89)C (Q.90)C
    (Q.91)C (Q.92)C (Q.93)A (Q.94)A (Q.95)C
    (Q.96)B (Q.97)B (Q.98)A (Q.99)D (Q.100)A
    (Q.101)D (Q.102)C (Q.103)A (Q.104)A (Q.105)A
    (Q.106)C (Q.107)A (Q.108)C (Q.109)D (Q.110)A
    (Q.111)A (Q.112)A (Q.113)B (Q.114)A (Q.115)A
    (Q.116)A (Q.117)A (Q.118)D (Q.119)A (Q.120)A
    (Q.121)A (Q.122)A (Q.123)D (Q.124)A (Q.125)C
    (Q.126)B (Q.127)A (Q.128)D (Q.129)D (Q.130)D
    (Q.131)C (Q.132)D (Q.133)D (Q.134)C (Q.135)B
    (Q.136)A (Q.137)A (Q.138)D (Q.139)A (Q.140)B
    (Q.141)D (Q.142)B (Q.143)D (Q.144)D (Q.145)C
    (Q.146)A (Q.147)B (Q.148)A (Q.149)D (Q.150)A
    (Q.151)B (Q.152)B (Q.153)B (Q.154)D (Q.155)C
    (Q.156)D (Q.157)D (Q.158)A (Q.159)D (Q.160)A
    (Q.161)A (Q.162)B (Q.163)A (Q.164)B (Q.165)D
    (Q.166)C (Q.167)D (Q.168)C (Q.169)C (Q.170)A
    (Q.171)B (Q.172)C (Q.173)C (Q.174)D (Q.175)D
    (Q.176)C (Q.177)C (Q.178)D (Q.179)A (Q.180)A
    (Q.181)C (Q.182)A (Q.183)A (Q.184)A (Q.185)A
    (Q.186)A (Q.187)C (Q.188)D (Q.189)D (Q.190)C
    (Q.191)D (Q.192)A (Q.193)D (Q.194)A (Q.195)C
    (Q.196)D (Q.197)C (Q.198)B (Q.199)D (Q.200)D

  9. SSC CPO SI EXAM 27/05/2012 ANSWER KEY
    Test Form No:-657RH8 (Q.1)B (Q.2)B
    (Q.3)B (Q.4)A (Q.5)A (Q.6)A (Q.7)D
    (Q.8)B (Q.9)B (Q.10)A (Q.11)B (Q.12)C
    (Q.13)C (Q.14)B (Q.15)D (Q.16)B (Q.17)D
    (Q.18)B (Q.19)D (Q.20)B (Q.21)C (Q.22)C
    (Q.23)A (Q.24)C (Q.25)D (Q.26)C (Q.27)B
    (Q.28)D (Q.29)C (Q.30)D (Q.31)D (Q.32)B
    (Q.33)B (Q.34)D (Q.35)B (Q.36)D (Q.37)D
    (Q.38)A (Q.39)D (Q.40)C (Q.41)D (Q.42)C
    (Q.43)D (Q.44)A (Q.45)B (Q.46)D (Q.47)D
    (Q.48)D (Q.49)B (Q.50)A (Q.51)A (Q.52)B
    (Q.53)B (Q.54)D (Q.55)A (Q.56)C (Q.57)C
    (Q.58)B (Q.59)B (Q.60)D (Q.61)D (Q.62)A
    (Q.63)A (Q.64)A (Q.65)A (Q.66)D (Q.67)A
    (Q.68)D (Q.69)A (Q.70)B (Q.71)D (Q.72)B
    (Q.73)B (Q.74)B (Q.75)C (Q.76)B (Q.77)A
    (Q.78)D (Q.79)B (Q.80)D (Q.81)A (Q.82)B
    (Q.83)C (Q.84)A (Q.85)D (Q.86)A (Q.87)A
    (Q.88)A (Q.89)D (Q.90)B (Q.91)B (Q.92)C
    (Q.93)C (Q.94)B (Q.95)C (Q.96)B (Q.97)D
    (Q.98)B (Q.99)C (Q.100)C (Q.101)B (Q.102)D
    (Q.103)D (Q.104)D (Q.105)A (Q.106)B (Q.107)A
    (Q.108)D (Q.109)D (Q.110)B (Q.111)B (Q.112)D
    (Q.113)D (Q.114)B (Q.115)D (Q.116)D (Q.117)B
    (Q.118)B (Q.119)D (Q.120)D (Q.121)C (Q.122)B
    (Q.123)C (Q.124)A (Q.125)B (Q.126)D (Q.127)C
    (Q.128)D (Q.129)A (Q.130)B (Q.131)A (Q.132)C
    (Q.133)C (Q.134)A (Q.135)A (Q.136)A (Q.137)A
    (Q.138)D (Q.139)C (Q.140)C (Q.141)D (Q.142)B
    (Q.143)D (Q.144)D (Q.145)C (Q.146)A (Q.147)B
    (Q.148)C (Q.149)D (Q.150)C (Q.151)D (Q.152)B
    (Q.153)C (Q.154)C (Q.155)B (Q.156)A (Q.157)B
    (Q.158)C (Q.159)C (Q.160)B (Q.161)C (Q.162)A
    (Q.163)B (Q.164)B (Q.165)C (Q.166)A (Q.167)C
    (Q.168)D (Q.169)A (Q.170)B (Q.171)C (Q.172)A
    (Q.173)D (Q.174)C (Q.175)B (Q.176)A (Q.177)B
    (Q.178)A (Q.179)B (Q.180)B (Q.181)D (Q.182)C
    (Q.183)B (Q.184)C (Q.185)D (Q.186)C (Q.187)C
    (Q.188)A (Q.189)D (Q.190)A (Q.191)A (Q.192)D
    (Q.193)C (Q.194)D (Q.195)B (Q.196)C (Q.197)A
    (Q.198)A (Q.199)D (Q.200)C Test Form No:-877RH8
    (Q.1)C (Q.2)C (Q.3)C (Q.4)B (Q.5)D
    (Q.6)D (Q.7)D (Q.8)D (Q.9)A (Q.10)A
    (Q.11)D (Q.12)B (Q.13)D (Q.14)D (Q.15)C
    (Q.16)B (Q.17)D (Q.18)B (Q.19)D (Q.20)A
    (Q.21)D (Q.22)A (Q.23)A (Q.24)C (Q.25)D
    (Q.26)B (Q.27)B (Q.28)A (Q.29)B (Q.30)B
    (Q.31)A (Q.32)D (Q.33)D (Q.34)B (Q.35)B
    (Q.36)C (Q.37)B (Q.38)B (Q.39)D (Q.40)B
    (Q.41)A (Q.42)A (Q.43)C (Q.44)B (Q.45)D
    (Q.46)C (Q.47)D (Q.48)B (Q.49)B (Q.50)B
    (Q.51)B (Q.52)B (Q.53)A (Q.54)A (Q.55)B
    (Q.56)A (Q.57)C (Q.58)B (Q.59)D (Q.60)C
    (Q.61)A (Q.62)A (Q.63)C (Q.64)B (Q.65)A
    (Q.66)D (Q.67)A (Q.68)A (Q.69)B (Q.70)C
    (Q.71)D (Q.72)D (Q.73)C (Q.74)B (Q.75)C
    (Q.76)D (Q.77)C (Q.78)A (Q.79)D (Q.80)A
    (Q.81)D (Q.82)D (Q.83)A (Q.84)B (Q.85)B
    (Q.86)A (Q.87)A (Q.88)A (Q.89)C (Q.90)A
    (Q.91)D (Q.92)C (Q.93)C (Q.94)B (Q.95)C
    (Q.96)A (Q.97)A (Q.98)A (Q.99)C (Q.100)C
    (Q.101)C (Q.102)A (Q.103)C (Q.104)A (Q.105)B
    (Q.106)C (Q.107)B (Q.108)A (Q.109)C (Q.110)C
    (Q.111)C (Q.112)C (Q.113)C (Q.114)C (Q.115)B
    (Q.116)C (Q.117)C (Q.118)C (Q.119)C (Q.120)D
    (Q.121)B (Q.122)B (Q.123)B (Q.124)A (Q.125)B
    (Q.126)C (Q.127)C (Q.128)B (Q.129)C (Q.130)A
    (Q.131)D (Q.132)C (Q.133)C (Q.134)B (Q.135)C
    (Q.136)D (Q.137)B (Q.138)A (Q.139)D (Q.140)C
    (Q.141)B (Q.142)B (Q.143)A (Q.144)B (Q.145)D
    (Q.146)C (Q.147)B (Q.148)C (Q.149)C (Q.150)D
    (Q.151)C (Q.152)B (Q.153)D (Q.154)B (Q.155)C
    (Q.156)D (Q.157)C (Q.158)D (Q.159)A (Q.160)A
    (Q.161)A (Q.162)A (Q.163)C (Q.164)D (Q.165)D
    (Q.166)C (Q.167)D (Q.168)C (Q.169)A (Q.170)B
    (Q.171)D (Q.172)A (Q.173)C (Q.174)B (Q.175)A
    (Q.176)C (Q.177)B (Q.178)C (Q.179)C (Q.180)B
    (Q.181)A (Q.182)B (Q.183)B (Q.184)A (Q.185)D
    (Q.186)B (Q.187)C (Q.188)A (Q.189)A (Q.190)C
    (Q.191)C (Q.192)B (Q.193)A (Q.194)B (Q.195)D
    (Q.196)A (Q.197)C (Q.198)C (Q.199)B (Q.200)A

  10. plz provide me ssc cpo answer key on my email id no makhan.singh1983@gmail.com
    test form no 877RH8

  11. please give me 877RH8 no ans key

  12. 987rh9 ke 11,14,35 ans key galat h
    11 ka c 14 b or 35 ka a hoga
    Smone mail 2 ssc

  13. 987rh9 ke 11,14,35 ans key galat h
    11 ka c 14 b or 35 ka a hoga
    Smone mail 2 ssc

  14. Sir i m not happy with some of the keys in booklet series 657RH8....especially in Part-A and Part-C.....declared officially by SSC....i request u to cross check it and take some neccessary action...

  15. yes some answers are not correct like 18-a,53-a

  16. yep some answer are wrong such as 18-a, 53-a, 83-d

  17. can any one send the answer key of test form no 000LP1
    at my mailing address

  18. thanks of tell me cpo answer sheet

  19. test form no - 012 RH 5 ANSWER KEY

  20. ssc cpo si english paper test form no. 012 RH 5 answer key


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