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30 April 2012

UGC NET JRF Paper 1 Model Question Paper

sample question paper General Paper on Teaching and Research Aptitude Paper 1 model question paper download study materiel and previous year question paper of UGC NET JRF CSIR Study materiel
According to Swami Vivekananda, teacher’s achievement depends on:
  • His renunciation of personal gain and service to others
  • professional training and creativity
  • concentration on his work and duties with a spirit of obedience to God
  • mastery on the subject and capacity in controlling the students

Which of the following teacher, will be liked most :
  • A teacher of high idealistic attitude
  • A loving teacher
  • A teacher who is disciplined
  • A teacher who often amuses his students
A teacher most important challenge is :
  • To make students do their home work
  • To make teaching-learning process enjoyable
  • To maintain discipline in the class room
  • To prepare the question paper
Value-education stands for :
  • making a student healthy
  • making a student to get a job
  • inculcation of virtues
  • all-round development of personality
When a normal student behaves in an erratic manner in the class, you would :
  • pull up the student then and there
  • talk to the student after the class
  • ask the student to leave the class
  • ignore the student
The research is always -
  • verifying the old knowledge
  • exploring new knowledge
  • filling the gap between knowledge
  • all of these
The research that applies the laws at the time of field study to draw more and more
clear ideas about the problem is :
  • Applied research
  • Experimental research
  • Action research
  • None of these
When a research problem is related to heterogeneous population, the most suitable
sampling method is :
  • Cluster Sampling
  • Convenient Sampling
  • Stratified Sampling
  • Lottery Method
The process not needed in experimental research is :
  • Observation
  • Controlling
  • Manipulation and replication
  • Reference collection
A research problem is not feasible only when :
  • it is researchable
  • it is new and adds something to knowledge
  • it consists of independent and dependent variables
  • it has utility and relevance
Firewalls are used to protect a communication network system against :
  • Unauthorized attacks
  • Data-driven attacks
  • Virus attacks
  • Fire-attacks
Old Questions Papers National Eligibility Test (NET)
June and December UGC Net examination
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