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04 March 2012

up board model paper 2012 high school english Question Paper

Up Board High school English Question Paper Pattern on New syllabus.
Total Time: 3 hour         Total marks 70
Class X sample Paper | 10 class English Model paper For U.P board exam

This question paper (sample Paper) is separated into two sections-A and section B
All questions from the both sections are necessary.
Marks are pointed beside every question.  
Read the questions very carefully before you answer them.

1: Read the passage and answer the questions given below it:
It did not take Yudhishthira a moment to understand that these could be none other than the words of a Yaksha and guessed .What had happened to his brother .It took him no time to see a possible way of bringing them back to life. He said to be bodiless voice ,”Please ask your questions”.

(i)What did Yudhishthira guess after understanding the words of the Yaksha? 02
(ii)What is possible way did Yudhishthira find to bring his brother back to life? 02

2: Answer one of the following questions in about 60 words: 04
(a) What did Guru Nanak experience in the two villagers?
(b) Summarize the teachings of Socrates on the basis of the lesson.

3: Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words: 2+2=04
(a) What did the Ganga remind Nehru of?
(b) Where was Lencho`s house situated?
(c) Who is the Creator of this Universe?

4: Match the words of List ‘A’ with there meanings in List ‘B’ : 1x4=04
List ‘A’                List ‘B’
Crest                   Friendly
Abundant            Unwilling
Reluctant             Ample
Amiable               Peak

5: Read the following piece of poetry and answer the questions given below it:
Bravemen who work while others sleep,  who die while others fly. They build a nation`s pullars deep,
And lift them to the sky.
(i) Who work and die for the nation? 02
(ii) What kind of men lift the nation`s pillars to the sky? 02

6: Give the central idea of one of the following poems in about 40 words: 03
(a) The Psalm of life (b) The Fountain
Write four lines from one of the poems given in your text-book.(Do not copy out the line given in the question-paper) .

7: Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words: 2+2=04
(a) Why was King Vikramaditya so famous?
(b) What did Edison promise to the people of America?
(c) Why was Jesse Owens angry?

8: Point out the ‘true’ and the ‘false’ statements in the following : 1x4=04
(a) Edison was a dull boy during his studies.
(b) Vikramaditya loved justice and learning.
(c) Jesse Owens was an admirer of Adolf Hitler.
(d) Edison was an American.

9: Select the most suitable alternative to complete the following statements: 1x4=04
(a) The judgement seat of Vikramaditya was made of –
(i) gold (ii) silver (iii) iron (iv) stone
(b)Edison was fond of –
(i) telling stories (ii) playing games (iii) doing experiments (iv) flying kites
(c) Jesse Owens was –
(i) an American Negro (ii) a great long summer (iii) a great Greman sportsman (iv) an Italian citizen
(e) The essential thing in life is –
(i) fighting well (ii) conquering (iii) earning money (iv) doing bad things


10: Do as indicated against each of the following sentences:
(i) Never shall you forgive I . (frame correct sentence by reordering
the words) 02
(ii) They have won the match. (change into passive) 02
(iii) The husband said to his wife, “Why are you crying ? ”(change
into indirect) 02
(iv) The driver was fined for…….. without licence.(use correct form
of the verb ‘drive’) 02

11: (a)Choose the correct preposition given against the sentence to fill in the blanks :
Please look………… the matter personally. (on,of,into) 02
(b) Complete the following sentence : 02
Unless you work hard …………………………… .
(c) Complete the spelling of the following words : ½+1/2=01
(i) N .. .. ther (ii) Susp… … se
(d) Punctuate the following: 02
What is your name asked my teacher I replied my name is Krishna .

12: Translate the following into English : 04
Hkkjro"kZ ds çFke ç/kkue=ah ifaMr tokgj yky ugs# bykgkckn esa iSnk gq, Fks muds firk dk uke ifaMr eksrh yky ugs# FkkA os i'sks ls odhy Fks mudh iq=h Jherh bfUnjk xWk/kh ,d fuÒhZd efgyk Fkha A

13: Write an application to the Principal of your college requesting him to grant you leave for five days showing genuine reasons. (Do not write your name and roll no) 04
Write a short letter to your father telling him to send you , some money as you are living in the college hostel .(Do not write your name and roll no)

14: Write a composition on any one of the following topics in about 60 words .Points are given below for each topic to develop the composition: 06
(a) Your Neighbor (i) His/her name and other particulars (ii) Family members (iii) Reasons for liking him/her (iv) His/her demerits (v) Your opinion about him/her
(b) Your Favourite Leader : (i) His name and personality (ii) His education (iii) His political career (iv) His behaviour with the people
(c) The Book you Like most (i) Name of the book (ii) Its author and his reputation (iii) Its theme(subject),language and style (iv) Its qualities (v) Reasons for yours liking it

15: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions set thereon :
Man cannot live alone , so he always seeks society .But persons whose tastes and inclinations are different from ours cannot give us the delight which we expect from friends . So man seeks the society of those who are like himself in their taste and inclination . We can , therefore, very easily say of what sort a man is from the nature and character of his friends.
(i) Why does man seek society ?  03
(ii) What kind of persons cannot give us delight ? 03

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