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22 January 2012

UPPSC Upper Subordinate CSAT model question Paper Sample Paper

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission uppsc Combined State Upper Subordinate Services / Lower

subordinates Examination 2012
Q: How many ways three identical Dices can Fall?
Ans: 216         54        56        108

Q: How many Minimum Number of cubes of integral Edge of 1 unit require covering large cube of edge 8units?
Ans: 124         488      280      76

Q: The calendar of year 2012 will repeat the pattern I n year?
Ans: 2312       2040    2102    2114

Q: The reminder when 1!++2!+3!+4!+….49!  Divided by 16 is
Ans: 56           12        9          62

Q: A trader wants to measure all integral form 1 to 12 kg using common balances where weights can kept tin both the pans what is the minimum no of weights needed?
Ans: 5 4          7          8

Q: The number of triangle that can be formatted by joining vertical of an octagon but not using its sides
Ans: 12           10        16        24

Q: In fresh grapes 80% of the weight while in dry grapes only 50 % of he weight of water .how man kg of dry grapes can obtains form 20 kg of fresh grapes ?
Ans: 3 kg         12kg    1kg      8kg

Q: In how many ways can 149 be divided into two positives parts such that one part is divisible b 5 and the other part is divisible by 8?
Ans: 4 3          2          1         

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